How to Stand Out in the Sea of Natural and Organic Industry Today

Nov 16, 2018

The growth of the natural and organics industry has been exponential in recent years, growing into a $2.4 billion industry in Australia.

That is an increase of 88 percent since 2012 and the industry is showing no signs of slowing down.

While this growth is great for the industry and those involved in it, greater opportunity means more competitors producing more products. This presents an obvious challenge to companies trying to find their niche in the natural and organics industry, but there are steps you can take to rise above the pack.

How you can stand out?

You have a one-of-a-kind product that works, we believe you. You know it and testing has confirmed it. The problem is, everyone in the industry is also making claims of being No.1 and having a truly unique product.

So how do you manage the challenge to cut through the noise from your competitors to make your product stand out? Here are some strategies that will make your product pop.

Customer service

Let’s start with the basics, good old-fashioned customer service is a sure-fire winner – even in the digital age. a recent report has shown that 76 per cent of consumers look at customer service as a test of their value to a brand. Millennials view customer service as vital, with 56 percent saying they have switched brands just because they have received poor service.

Be honest

We live in the era of ‘fake news’. This has reached a tipping point with 83 percent of people regarding online advertising as a disruption. In Australia, more than 70 percent of the population associate digital advertising with fake news. This is why it is critical to always be honest about your product and your company and to steer away from tactics like ‘clickbait’ to lure customers under false pretences.

Innovate, don’t emulate

If you look at ‘how-to’ guides on digital advertising the truth is you will always be a step behind your competition. Instead, be on the cutting edge of new technologies and social media platforms. Follow emerging trends, ask your customers which new services they are adopting and step ahead of your competition by trialling new platforms and methods.

There are many steps you can take to become an innovator. Analysing trends in the market, attending events, training and networking opportunities and collaborating with researchers or other businesses are some excellent ways to get started.

The Federal Government has a guide to innovation for small business which offers advice and resources to help you include innovation as part of your business plan.


Hard advertising can only carry your brand so far. Blogging has enormous benefits in the modern world, as it establishes a warm, human connection between your company and your customers. You can write these yourself (if you have the time), spread the load across employees or look at external agencies to produce the content for you.

As well as producing your own blog, it is wise to read the blogs of others for invaluable business advice. Some of the best Australian blogs include Small Talk (a blog-style collection of interviews with small business owners), Market Economics (outlining new economic data releases and government policy changes) and Bluewire Media for the latest in digital marketing.

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