Hemp Oz: How a socially-minded Aussie start-up hemp company is taking health drinks to the next level

Mar 12, 2019

The stage was perfectly set for an innovative and fresh-thinking brand like Hemp Oz to launch Australia’s first Hemp Kombucha when hemp prohibition ended in Nov 2017 after 83 years. The meteoric rise in the popularity of kombucha, coupled with the legalisation of Hemp, meant the demand for both could be met with their innovative and healthy products – Hemp Oz Kombucha, and Hemp Oz Infused Spring Water.

Yet, Hemp Oz founder and social entrepreneur, John Leith was not looking to cash in on Australia’s health drink craze when he launched the company. Instead, it was his own personal health crisis that inspired him to put aside his other business interests, becoming a passionate advocate of hemp and the importance of gut-health.

“It was a normal day then I suddenly collapsed, completely out of the blue,” recounted Leith. “Next thing I knew, I woke up in the hospital and was told I had Type 2 Diabetes! I was in total disbelief and I was even more devastated to learn there was no cure.”

After Leith’s shock diagnosis, his initial treatment was pharmaceutical medication, which had many side effects. “I was determined to look after my health, and I tried all the traditional treatments – but in the end, I needed an alternative. When my health professional suggested I try Hemp and Kombucha as a treatment, I thought, ‘geez is he telling me to go and buy drugs?’, but I loved the taste and happily consumed 1 litre a day – replacing all my favourite sugary drinks.”

The result of drinking his homemade hemp kombucha stunned Leith’s doctors. His blood tests returned to normal levels and his Diabetes symptoms vanished.

“This Hemp Kombucha formula is the real deal. I couldn’t believe a drink that was so incredibly good for my health also tasted so delicious.

“When I discovered what the powerful combination of pure organic botanicals, unpasteurised kombucha, and the boost of hemp did for my health, it was only natural to want to spread the delicious goodness around,” Leith explained.

John Leith, Founder of Hemp Oz

Leith set out to craft Australia’s first Hemp Kombucha, aiming to be the best tasting natural Kombucha on the market. He sourced the best Australian ingredients and used traditional proven methods to deliver the maximum health benefits of his original homebrew. The result was a unique health drink with a deliciously crisp and refreshing taste.

Today, Hemp Oz products are available online and in more than 300 retail outlets nationwide. Importantly, they are enjoyed by many repeat customers who love the taste and keep coming back for more. Hemp Oz products are made with premium organic ingredients, Australian sparkling spring water and zero added sugar or natural sweeteners, making it the ideal choice for health-conscious consumers who want to improve their gut health and quit sugar.

Ingredients are all locally sourced and the products are sustainably manufactured and packaged in recyclable bottles, meeting the expectations of environmentally- and ethically-responsible consumers.

The Hemp Oz Difference: Pure, Unpasteurised, With No Added Sugar, 100% Australian O% sweeteners


The probiotics in Kombucha provides a range of benefits, notably for gut health function which regulates digestion, energy absorption, immunity and many other essential bodily functions. Most Kombucha drinks on the market are pasteurised to make them easier to transport and store long-term. Unfortunately, this process often kills off most of the live probiotics inside the bottle – the very ingredient the consumer expects they are consuming when they drink kombucha.

Hemp Oz Hemp Kombucha is different. It’s thoughtfully crafted to be pure and unpasteurised, without adding sugar, natural sweeteners or other additives. This fresh botanical drink is packaged in a black bottle and stored chilled to keep the precious probiotics alive and beneficial. A little bit of TLC ensures all the health benefits are protected from damaging light and heat, so the consumer can enjoy the delicious taste and natural health-boosting goodness.



Hemp: The Not-so-Secret Ingredient


Hemp can easily claim the title of Superfood. Hemp seed is a highly nutritious source of protein and essential healthy fats. Hemp seeds are also a rich source of dietary fibre, Vitamin D, Vitamin B6, B1, phytosterols, carotene, iron, zinc, Omega 3, Omega 6 and 9, plus much more. No wonder hemp has received a five-star health rating by the Australian Medical Association.

For retailers and suppliers who are unfamiliar with Hemp, it was legalised in November 2017, so it is perfectly legal to sell and consume in Australia. Hulled hemp seeds and oil have virtually no trace of THC and CBD – so it won’t get you ‘high’. Around 60 per cent of hemp seed oil is an essential fatty acid called Linoleic acid (about six times more than that found in olive oil) which is a beneficial substance rarely found in food sources.

When Kombucha is paired with this genuine superfood, the drink exceeds all expectations, taking health drinks to the next level. It’s a drink everyone can enjoy, with no high.


A socially-minded enterprise putting people above profits


When Leith began investigating the many health benefits of hemp, his search led him to understand the largely misunderstood story of medicinal cannabis. He met many people, including children with incurable diseases, whose lives had been transformed by medicinal cannabis, yet who were doubly burdened by the exorbitant costs and associated stigma. He decided his company would do something to help.

Every sale of Hemp Oz Hemp Kombucha and Hemp Infused Sparkling Spring Water makes a 5c donation to the charity United in Compassion – a not-for-profit organisation created to advocate for patient access to medicinal cannabis.

“Hemp Oz was created as part of our vision to put patient above profits,” explained Leith.

“While we love hemp, and are passionate about our products, our mission is to promote education, prevention, and treatments that ensure patients and consumers receive the best health outcomes from this remarkable, natural, superfood and plant-based medicine.”

Hemp Oz will be exhibiting at Naturally Good 2019. Visit them at Stand K16 at the show on 2-3 June 2019 at the ICC Sydney to chat to the team. Content is supplied by the team at Hemp Oz.

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