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Jul 24, 2018

Honey: smooth, tasty and antibacterial?

Berringa Australian Honey produces high quality Manuka Honey to delicious Eucalyptus Honey – all of which are in demand worldwide!

Berringa Australian Honey is a 100% Australian owned and operated business established over 20 years ago. They take great pride in their honey and ensure that is as natural as possible by extracting it cold from the hive and packaging it in jars without additives or processes.

Manuka honey has become increasing popular over the last few years with its antibacterial properties being used more commercially. Australia has an ideal climate for creating extremely high levels of antibacterial activity, which is measured by MGO. The Berringa range boasts the Berringa Super Manuka MGO900+, which contains some of the highest MGO levels in the world.

The MGO component in Manuka honey has the ability to fight even the strongest antibiotic resistant bacteria. This honey has been found to help boost the growth of white blood cells, which assists in fighting infection and healing tissue. Berringa check the MGO in each individual bottle through Australian Government NATA certified laboratories, to ensure that their product is only the best quality.

Berringa Honey product range

We cannot forget Berringa’s Eucalyptus Honey! This Australian Certified Organic honey is sourced from several different species of native Australian Eucalyptus tree. These trees are found all over the country in environments free of chemicals and synthetic pesticides.

Eucalyptus honey has been thought to reduce inflammation and congestion while containing antiseptic and antibacterial properties. This honey also may help sooth sprained ligaments, stiff muscles, aches and nerve pain when massaged into the skin.

Berringa Australian Honey is not only has an amazing selection of Australian honey, it is award winning! The company’s founder, Peter Woodward, received a Hall of Fame honour at the Australian Organic Awards in 2017. This prestigious gong recognises Peter’s years of service and contribution to the organic sector in Australia. Peter believes that ‘accolades such as this further demonstrate our collective commitment at Berringa to developing fantastic products that use the best quality, responsibly sourced local produce’.

Peter Woodward with Dr Andrew Monk at the Australian Organic Awards

It’s about time you add some Berringa honey to your life and make everything a little bit sweeter.

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