Five Healthy Food And Beverage Trends To Watch In 2019

Apr 16, 2019

Article written by Kylee Anderson

More Australians than ever before are opting to follow healthy food trends in a bid to win the nationwide fight against obesity. While 2018 was undoubtedly the year of alcohol-free cocktails and wood-fired cuisine, 2019 promises to be all about wild greens, plant-based proteins, and a host of wholesome and delicious beverages.  A closer look at just 5 of the many food and beverage-related trends predicted for the year ahead, supplies great insight into what more health-conscious Australians will be eating and drinking this year.

Wild Weeds & Celtuce

To the great delight of the anti-kale brigade, the polarizing leafy green has seemingly overstayed its welcome. This year, previously-popular leafy greens will make way for a variety of nutritious lesser-known greens such as wild sorrel, amaranth, and dandelion greens. Celery lettuce, also known as celtuce, will also become increasingly popular among restaurant chefs and home cooks alike thanks to its crisp texture and mild, earthy flavour. Celtuce is also packed with nutrients ranging from vitamins A & C and folate, to potassium and magnesium.

Photo Source: White Magic

Vegetable Proteins

Cruelty-free eating is huge in Australia with the country boasting the third fastest-growing vegan population worldwide.  An increasing number of consumers are seeking sustainable alternatives to their standard meaty protein fix. These healthy-eating individuals also do not only want to be able to order these meat-free offerings at a restaurant but prepare it themselves at home as well. This year, a growing number of marinated tofu steaks and pea protein burger patties will be cooked to perfection on gas cooktops and outdoors grills around the country. Other veg-based proteins that will be consumed more frequently by Australians this year include seitan, lentils, black beans, and tempeh.

Craft Tea

The age-old practice of tea drinking is getting an exciting makeover this year.  People are starting to view tea with the same admiration as they do coffee. Tea is not only touted to have significantly more health benefits than coffee, but also a more diverse flavour profile than its roasted counterpart. While tea, in general, is set to skyrocket in popularity during the course of the year, exotic blends, adaptogenic ingredients which will be formulated into cold brews as well as iced teas, will appeal to a completely new segment of the consumer market.

Photo Source: That Hippie Co

Fermented drinks

With gut health continuing to be a popular topic of discussion among health-conscious Australians, it is not surprising that fermented beverages are also growing in popularity. Kombucha and kefir will become more commonplace on restaurant menus and supermarket shelves while lesser-known fermented drinks are also expected to become a lot more popular this year. Apple cider vinegar-based drinks such as flavoured switchels are believed to be the ‘next big thing’ on the beverage market while kombucha is expected to be the next go-to mixer.


Nootropics have become quite a buzzword of late thanks to prominent supplement manufacturers pushing the cognitive benefits of ‘brain-healthy’ foods.  Many of these foods, including eggs, salmon, dark chocolate, and turmeric, are by no means new to the typical Australian diet. It is, however, what they are being promoted as that will become a popular trend in 2019 as more individuals aim to improve their health and well-being in whatever way possible.

Although trends come and go, some are well worth keeping around for the long run. While it may still be too early to tell which will survive past the end of the year, there are definitely a few food and drink trends that look very promising indeed.

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