Natural Beauty Revolution

Jan 21, 2018

Beauty is big business – and natural beauty is looking set to be even bigger. As beauty loving consumers grow increasingly conscious of not only what they put on their skin, but also of beauty products’ greater environmental impact, the demand for natural options continues to rise. Catering to the growing and significant categories in the health and wellness space is Naturally Good, the Southern Hemisphere’s largest and most comprehensive expo, and which returns to Sydney for another impressive show in 2018.

Aimed towards providing an international platform for healthy retailers, brands and practitioners, the Naturally Good Expo is the go-to event for sourcing the latest healthy, natural and organic food, beverage, home living – and of course beauty products.

Ringing true to current market trends, a prominent focus of this year’s Naturally Good lies within the natural and organic beauty sector. Australian beauty and skincare product exports nearly doubled in value between 2012 and 2016*, and local manufacturers have capitalised on international demand for natural or organic products containing local ingredients, including botanicals, essential oils and bush essences.

Although a growing segment, natural and organic beauty products occupy a niche market, where smaller manufacturers have the opportunity to successfully operate in a less competitive environment. With a market less saturated, brands have the opportunity to take their customer relationship from the surface level to something much stronger, with the chance to focus on ensuring customer loyalty.

Natural and organic beauty brands around the nation are celebrating the digital age, quickly jumping on the bandwagon and using social media as a gateway to connect with their audiences on a personal level. Using like-minded opinion leaders and influencers to align their brand with has seen a positive response from customers who hold similar values and lifestyles. Putting theory into practice are Naturally Good exhibitor, marine collagen supplement ‘Vida Glow’ who use Instagram to communicate product offerings, uses and benefits through content creation and carefully selected influencers.

As hundreds of businesses employ a similar strategy, the power of social media shouldn’t solely be relied upon for reach and exposure. This is where Naturally Good plays a pivotal role for brands to make their mark and truly stand out from the crowd.

With an opportunity to reach beauty retailers, spas, salons, distributors, pharmacies and online stores, keen business owners can promote their brands and products to over 6,000 visitors over a 2 day extravaganza.

Retailers on the look for companies who are in demand, on trend and ahead of the health curve use the Naturally Good Expo as a way to expand their current product offering. Brands within the natural and organic beauty sector can consequently capitalise on this opportunity by using Naturally Good to effectively market and network with thousands of retailers on an international scale.

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