1-2 Jun 2020

Food & Drink

Food Trends: How to Make Them Work for Your Brand

Mar 3, 2020 Food & Drink

Photo by Weleda Australia. Reports might have discovered that a third of the average Australian’s energy intake comes from junk food, but don’t be fooled – we’re also a nation that loves a healthy food trend too. Not only did Australia rank number one in the world in 2018 for “vegan” Google searches, one in […]

Most Innovative Products of the Year Crowned, Shoppers Give The Nod to Healthier Alternative Brands

Nov 20, 2019 Food & Drink

The results are in for Product of the Year! Over 10,000 Australian shoppers have had their say and voted for their favourite products in the annual Product of the Year Awards. The world’s largest consumer-voted awards program recognises product innovation and serves as a shortcut for shoppers helping them to save time and money. This […]

Vital Natural Health Trends that are Influencing Modern Shoppers

Sep 12, 2019 Food & Drink

Convenient, healthy, ethical, premium food products have never been more popular at any time in history. And specifically, for anyone operating in this space, it pays to be aware of what is driving demand and how to harness interest. Three of Australia’s top experts in the field – Peta Shulman of GoodnessMe Box, Ben Whyatt […]

Third of Young Britons Have Switched to Plant-Based Milk

Jul 22, 2019 Food & Drink

A third of young Britons have made a switch to plant-based milk alternatives, according to new research from Mintel. Driving the plant-based revolution, some 26% of women now use plant-based milk alternatives and as many as a third (33%) of 16-24s opt for these varieties. Growth of milk alternatives is largely fuelled by more recent […]

Intolerance: The Rise and Rise of Gluten-Free Living

Jul 16, 2019 Food & Drink

Coeliac disease affects around one in 70 Australians, although another seven per cent of the population reports being gluten intolerant, suffering from bloating and cramping when ingesting foods containing wheat, rye and barley, among other grains. “Between the 1990s and the 2000s, there was a huge increase in the number of people that were knowingly […]

The Increasing Demand to Ditch Plastic

Jun 24, 2019 Food & Drink

A rejuvenated sense of purpose regarding environmental issues is now prompting many Australians to take positive action to be more sustainable when it comes to product packaging. Mintel’s 2019 Global Food and Drink Trends reveal that when it comes to Australia, 32 per cent of urban Australians prefer products that are sold in eco-friendly packaging. […]

Consumer Demand for Plant-Based Goods is a Booming $4.2 Billion Industry

Apr 19, 2019 Food & Drink

According to the most recent SPINS’ analysis, the ‘plant-based’ goods industry is projected to be worth $4.2 billion by the end of 2018 after growing 18 percent in the year ending July 15, 2018. SPINS estimates that the plant-based sector will grow to $6 billion in sales by 2020, which would be a 100 percent increase over […]

Five Healthy Food And Beverage Trends To Watch In 2019

Apr 16, 2019 Food & Drink

Article written by Kylee Anderson More Australians than ever before are opting to follow healthy food trends in a bid to win the nationwide fight against obesity. While 2018 was undoubtedly the year of alcohol-free cocktails and wood-fired cuisine, 2019 promises to be all about wild greens, plant-based proteins, and a host of wholesome and delicious […]

More Than Just Almond Milk

Apr 15, 2019 Food & Drink

Nourish & Care was brought to life through the partnership between a naturopath and pharmacist. It is well-known that these two industries and schools of thought do not typically get along, having vastly different approaches. However, this uncommon partnership looked at taking the strengths and best practices of each world, creating a new and holistic approach […]

For the Love of All Things Bugs!

Mar 26, 2019 Food & Drink

Bugs, so small, mighty and nutritious in goodness too, but who would have thought… that edible insects could be the food of the future? The population of the world is growing and climate change impacts the way we farm. So to counteract the inevitable situation of food insecurity the world needs to rethink ways we […]

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