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Man Up: Green Marketers should use more ‘Men-vironmental’ messages

Apr 16, 2018 Global News

This article first appeared in Natural Products Global, part of Diversified’s global natural & organic network. Written by Jim Manson. Men may shun eco-friendly products and behaviours because of what they say about their masculinity, suggests new research by social scientists in America. In their paper Is Eco-Friendly Unmanly? The Green-Feminine Stereotype and Its Effect on Sustainable Consumption, […]

Nutra-licious Health Hits Naturally Good

Apr 15, 2018 Food & Drink

Nutritious, organic and delicious, Mark and Darlene Powell are the dynamic duo behind Gold Coast based business Nutra Organics – who’ve taken natural living to a whole new level. Nutra Organics is made up of a tight-knit team of families. They understand it takes a village to raise a child – so it takes a […]

Peru: Ancient Superfoods for Vibrant Health

Apr 11, 2018 Food & Drink

Peru is already well-known as a tourist destination, and now it’s gaining a reputation on the superfood scene. And for good reason – Peru is producing a range of nutrient-packed consumables with a difference. Here’s why you need to take a look at the planet’s hottest range of superfoods. A natural history of production Long […]

Native Man: Why simplifying skincare for men makes good business sense

This article first appeared in What’s New in Healthy Products. The increasingly sophisticated grooming habits of the Australian man is driving opportunities for niche entrepreneurial start-ups in a market traditionally dominated by larger players. Men’s grooming is one of the fastest growing categories in the beauty and personal care market and projected to be worth […]

Cruelty-free Beauty: a Growing Demand

Written by Fiona Ward In July 2017, a new legislation came into force in Australia: banning the sale of animal-tested cosmetics and other personal products in the country, as well as those containing ingredients tested on animals. For many already working in the natural wellness sphere, an ethical, cruelty-free stance has long been a top […]

Building an Empire in the Naturopath Space

Mar 19, 2018 Practitioner

Written by Tim Buttery. Naturopathy business is fast becoming a viable alternative to modern medicine in Australia and females are the primary target audience of your business according to studies from the Australian Research Centre in Complementary and Integrative Medicine. Jerome Sarris and Jon Wardle, authors of Clinical Naturopathy In Practice argue that “Naturopathy is […]

Help Your Business Target the Next Generation of Shoppers – Gen Z!

Mar 16, 2018 Business

James Purcell of specialist agency Growth Tank, knows a thing or two about understanding and connecting with Australia’s 4.9million Gen Zers. With over 10 years experience marketing Millennial, James has now shifted his focus to Gen Z – the younger siblings of millennials aged between 12-20 years. James will be part of the panel of […]

There’s an App for That

Mar 15, 2018 Global News

A new app has been launched to help consumers manage food intolerances whilst shopping.

The Power of the Influencer

Mar 13, 2018 Business

Written by Josh Alston. Social media is the platform where natural living and digital connections collide head on. It has become the modern day farmers’ market for those choosing to live healthier lifestyles; and a tremendous forum for new and existing businesses to sell their products and services. With Facebook users in Australia tipped to […]

The Future of Food is Bugging Us

Mar 9, 2018 Food & Drink

Two Byron Bay based couples have turned their quest for a healthy and balanced lifestyle into a business that’s not only delicious, but also sustainable. Lucas Becker, Camila Meyer, Pedro Silva, and Martina Meyer are the brains behind Grilo, which means “cricket” in Portuguese and ‘good luck’ in some countries – and also means work […]