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Meet-The-Buyer: Al Overton, Planet Organic

Business is built on relationships; and trade shows are a great way to get conversations started. We are pleased to present our meet-the-buyer series: beginning with a Q&A with Planet Organic’s UK Buying Director, Al Overton. Al attended this year’s Naturally Good Expo, and was also a panelist on an export forum held at the […]

Milk Alternatives are the New Cash Cow

Oct 26, 2018 Food & Drink

If you’ve been anywhere near a supermarket or café lately, you’ve probably noticed a jump in the number of milk alternatives available. Soy, almond, rice, oat and coconut are common, and now there’s even hemp milk. It seems that savvy businesses have spotted a consumer demand – and are successfully milking it. Milk alternatives – […]

The Boom of Vegan Cosmetics in 2018

Veganism is on the rise worldwide, with Australia the third fastest growing market globally. Roy Morgan Research has shown that between 2012 and 2016, the number of Australians eating a vegetarian diet rose from 1.7 million to 2.1 million (just over 11 percent of the population). The logical step for anyone pursuing a vegan diet […]

Mandatory Eco Labelling for Food Would be Game-Changer

Oct 15, 2018 Global News

This article first appeared in Natural Products Global, part of Diversified’s global natural & organic network. Written by Jim Manson. Mandatory environment labelling for food could be a game-changer in efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and cut pollution, says a prominent UK academic. Joseph Poore, lead researcher of a recent high-profile study into the environmental impacts […]

Wot’s Not to Love?

The Wotnot story starts with a nappy. Yes, that’s right, the first environmentally friendly nappy in Australia – Moltex Oko. Two mothers, Sinead Roberts and Sioned Guard, came together in 2007 with their idea to launch the Moltex nappy so that parents would have a latex and fragrance-free option for their little ones. Since then, […]

Technology and Transparency Key to Targeting Gen Z Shoppers

Oct 1, 2018 Business

Generation Z might seem like aliens to people from earlier epochs, but they’re the new shopping superpower, and businesses who want to stay on top will need to factor them into marketing plans. Fortunately, it turns out they’re only human. At the 2018 Naturally Good Expo, youth marketing expert James Purcell, from Growth Tank Agency, […]

Australians are Hungry for Organic Food and Drink

Sep 25, 2018 Food & Drink

If you’ve suspected that the organic industry is smashing it … you’re bang on the money. According to figures from the Australian Organic Market Report 2018, it is now valued at $2.4 billion – a massive 88 percent growth since 2012. A session at this year’s Naturally Good Expo highlighted some key findings from the […]

New Zealand Organic Market Grows 30% to Top NZ$600M

Sep 21, 2018 Global News

This article first appeared in Natural Products Global, part of Diversified’s global natural & organic network. Written by Jim Manson. The New Zealand organic sector has grown 30 per cent since 2015 to now be worth $600 million per year, buoyed by consumer demand in NZ and globally. The 2018 OANZ Organic Market Report, shows retail sales […]

Organic Industry Growth Busting into Beauty Sector

It’s no secret that Australia’s organic industry is booming. Thanks to growing health and environmental consciousness, consumers are demanding products and services that are chemical-free and ethically-produced. Key Trends Driving Organic Beauty Industry Growth According to the report, increasing consumer awareness about the dangers of chemical compounds in traditional cosmetics has driven industry growth. They […]

Hemp Doesn’t Make You High, it Makes You Healthy

Sep 10, 2018 Food & Drink

We are sure you have heard about hemp – one of the newest super foods to hit Australian shelves! There has been a lot of buzz about hemp recently with its legalisation to consume in November 2017. Hemp Foods Australia is buzzed as well, bringing forward a selection of hemp seeds, oil, flour and protein […]

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