Pure Love for Loving Earth

Jun 12, 2024

From kitchen startup to much-loved Australian brand, Loving Earth is known for their chocolate, but there is so much more to this success story. Learn more about the brand and the products and values driving growth into the future.

Loving Earth is a kitchen startup success story. Founded in 2007, Loving Earth has long evolved from humble beginnings and is now a much-loved Australian brand. From chocolate to pantry staples and the innovative Buckinis, Loving Earth is almost 20 years into its business journey and is just getting started.

Learn more about the story behind the brand and the products and values driving growth into the future.

New packaging and formulas

Loving Earth stepped into 2024 with a fresh new look that embraces a trending retro aesthetic. Reflecting the brand’s kind-to-the-planet ethos, every pack is emblazoned with the same “Pure Love” slogan. The new packaging appears on the 80g Bars and 30g Luv Hearts as part of a gradual rebrand across the range.

Alongside the rebrand is a delicious reformulation of the popular bean-to-bar ethical chocolate. All 80g flavours – excluding Caramel Top – have a tasty new formula. With the exception of Peppermint Crisp, all flavours are certified organic. Not stopping there, Loving Earth also took the opportunity to launch a range of new 30g flavours that are already proving popular with consumers. Flavours include Pine-Lime White Chocolate, Mango White Chocolate and Sherbert Mylk Chocolate.

Free-from is a core driver of innovation at Loving Earth. The premium chocolate range is free from gluten and dairy, with only vegan and ethically sourced ingredients. But it’s also delicious, which has helped the brand to achieve mainstream significance. Loving Earth is known for their chocolate, and the new packaging, formulations and flavours only serve to further cement the brand’s reputation and recognition in the market.

Regenerative values

As a values-driven business, Loving Earth proudly adopts better ways of doing business. At the heart of this is a regenerative approach that seeks to give back more than it takes. This regenerative value runs through every corner of the brand.

The ingredients are produced without synthetic fertilisers, chemical pesticides or herbicides and are grown in consideration of restoring the environment. They also take a regenerative approach with ethical production that supports Indigenous communities in Peru and Australia, trading directly with farmers and paying an above-fair-trade price.

Where possible, Loving Earth uses recyclable and compostable packaging printed with vegetable inks. In 2023, the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) recognised Loving Earth packaging as beyond best practice. Other sustainable actions include installing 400 solar panels on their Melbourne factory to reduce their carbon footprint and implementing an advanced recycling system.

More than chocolate

While chocolate is the hero of the Loving Earth range, the brand has a much broader offering that adds to the consumer appeal.

The range of superfoods, previously endorsed by Serena Williams, includes maqui, acai, wildcrafted gubinge powder and yacon. Pantry staples include maca, cacao powder, virgin cacao butter and fine desiccated coconut.

Ideal for adding to breakfast cereal or as a topper for yoghurt or fresh fruit, Buckinis are made from soaked, activated and dehydrated buckwheat. Crunchy and flavoursome, they’re also free from cane sugar, grains and gluten to meet a range of dietary restrictions.

Discover Loving Earth

Unique Health Products is the exclusive distributor of Loving Earth in Australia. Visit the Unique booth at Naturally Good to discover the Loving Earth range. Alternatively, shop online, any time.

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