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Jun 18, 2018

Standing out in the wellness industry can be tough, with many companies jostling for their share of engagement. There are literally thousands of startups and businesses taking advantage of Australia’s growing love of healthier living, so how do you stand out from the crowd?

As many of these businesses are finding out, generating intriguing content and sharing it through social media is proving to be a great way to generate engagement.

Some examples include former Masterchef contestant Sarah Todd, who now runs a thriving Instagram account and blog, and released her book The Healthy Model Cookbook. Then there’s Tully Humphrey, who has built an empire through Instagram and her blog with her own activewear label—Tully Lou.

Tully has also created her own hybrid exercise routine, generating exposure that has even seen her teach yoga to One Direction’s Harry Styles.

But beyond these industry success stories are plenty more. Here are a few more to get you inspired…

Social media influencers

Miracle Noodle is one exhibitor at the Naturally Good Expo that has leveraged social media to great effect. Their Facebook page has over 100,000 followers, largely because of the content produced.

This company utilises Instagram gurus like Laura from Beeta Bella, who produces blogs and recipes using plant-based ingredients. It also has its own ambassadors like The Accidental Parisian Cook and Hy-Vee Supermarkets, all of which produce content and tips through Facebook and Instagram.

The cherry on top is the use of helpful guides and lists of hacks to make life easier in the kitchen, providing plenty of value-adds for potential customers.

Beeta Bella Recipe posted on Miracle Noodle Blog

Helpful guides are well received

Black Chicken Remedies provides a range of informative blogs for its social media consumer base, with over 7,000 people following the company’s Facebook page. Guides on how to reduce toxic loads, the effects of air travel on the skin (and ways to get off the plane looking and feeling better) and how to combat sensitive skin are just some of the recent articles posted. These live in harmony with product information and shop now links that give the audience a reason to follow the page.

Black Chicken Remedies Blog

Educating the masses

Hemp Foods Australia is a company that would be used to a lot of misinformation, with their product coming from the marijuana plant. Of course, there are no harmful effects or any mind-altering qualities to be had, but the stigma remains. To this end, HFA provides plenty of educational resources through their social media channels, which includes over 12,000 followers on Facebook. HFA provides interviews, fact sheets and other resources to demystify hemp products and share the benefits of their products. It is proving to work as well, with a high level of engagement on their posts.

Never too late to start

Nutrafruit is one of the exhibitors at the Naturally Good Expo that has recently revamped their business to take advantage of web content and social media. The Brisbane-based superfood brand updated its website to include research articles, recipes and stockist information. This content has been warmly received by the 1,000-plus Facebook audience, a number that is growing as more content is released through their social media.

Nutrafruit Website – Research Page


These are just some of the success stories on social media. There are many health and wellness brands achieving big things in the digital world.


BYLINE: Josh Alston

Josh Alston is a journalist, editor and copywriter who has worked for several daily, community and regional newspapers across the Queensland seaboard for 12 years. In this time he has covered news, sport and community issues and has been published in major daily newspapers and nationally online for breaking news. Josh presently works as a freelance reporter writing for clients including the Victorian Government, AGL Energy and a host of others.

Twitter: @alstonjoshua

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