Navigating Natural and Organic: David Burns, DJB Food Group

Jul 1, 2020

The natural and organic industry is continuously growing and shifting, with new trends, regulations, products and practices being introduced into market everyday. How does one keep on top of it all? Naturally Good has you covered, as we speak to industry professionals and experts on the hottest topics and trends, business practices and solutions, and what’s happening in the natural and organic industry.

David Burns, founder of DJB Food Group, has had an extensive career spanning across various sectors in the food industry. His company provide a range of consultancy services, with large success in leading businesses to a winning growth strategy. David gives us insight into what he is seeing when it comes to the natural and organic industry, and shares his advice on how businesses can take advantage of the increased demand for these types of products.

How has the demand for natural/organic products changed over the years?

The demand for natural and organic products has changed dramatically over the years as more people become more health focussed and more recently, conscious of our obligations regarding sustainability. It is staggering today to see how many alternatives there are to mainstream staples.

You just need to look at the dairy industry over the last 10 – 15 years – today over 50% of coffee is drunk with an alternative to cows milk, being almond, soy, rice, coconut milk and the list goes on. All the businesses we have worked with over the last 3 years have had a health, natural or organic focus. The next 10 years is very exciting.

How can suppliers of natural/organic products stand out from its competition?

Suppliers need to focus on listening to the needs of consumers as this is obviously what is driving the shift in consumption. Put simply its health, sustainability, ethics as well as convenience, that more and more consumers are seeking.

To stand out from competitors and truly differentiate, brands need to remember that the brand, positioning and packaging are all critical components of the overall offer. Also remember that your timing is critical – launch new products too early then consumers won’t understand what you are doing, too late and there may be are too many competitors already in market.

What advice can you give retailers looking at improving its natural/organic range? 

Retailers looking to improve their offer in this natural and organic space need to combine strategic partnerships with key suppliers, as well as seek out start up and SME brands that are often more nimble and innovative.

Retail buyers can get on the front foot and understand what is trending in the USA and Europe and seek out those offers locally (or import) to delight consumers with innovation that will meet a current or future consumer need.

Collaborative planning between retailers and suppliers is key in relation to instore promotions and marketing campaigns to highlight new ranging, creating consumer awareness and sales.

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