Hemp Oz recognised as Best Hemp & Wellness Company Asia Pacific

Dec 1, 2020

The Oz Medicann Group (OMG), Australia’s most exciting medicinal cannabis and hemp health and wellness start-up has been recognised as Best Hemp Health and Wellness Company Asia Pacific 2020 in the AI Global Media GHP Fitness and Nutrition Awards.

The Founder, John Leith is thrilled with the award. “This award comes at an amazing time and is recognition of the role that hemp and cannabis products play in improving health and wellbeing. The OMG strategy is focused on prevention through the development of health and wellbeing products, awareness through provision of educational programs and treatment through the development of innovative medically prescribed treatments to support patients and consumers throughout their health journey, and we are now really excited to receive the recognition for it.”

The benefits of Hemp as a superfood are becoming more widely understood. Since Hemp was put back on the Australian menu in November 2017, OMG’s Hemp Oz Health and Wellness Company has been committed to the ongoing development of evidence-based products which are functional, backed by science and lead the way in innovative nutrition and lifestyle solutions

Establishing OMG and Hemp Oz Health and Wellness was not by chance. The founder and social entrepreneur, John Leith, admits he never imagined himself at the forefront of a Medical Cannabis and Hemp Health and Wellness business.

In 2015, after having embarked on a master’s degree in business innovation, John began to notice adverse health symptoms which he attributed to the high-intensity and punishing schedule of study. He was surprised to hear that his symptoms had developed as a result of Type 2 Diabetes.

The shock diagnosis forced him to re-evaluate his lifestyle choices and make considerable change. This, coupled with Leith’s personal family experience with Medical Cannabis, led him to reconsider his future and redirect his energies into supporting others in their search for alternative, affordable treatments that had the potential to improve their quality of life.

Hemp Oz Founder John Leith

This was just the start: The more Leith learned about the health and wellness benefits of hemp and cannabis, the more he realised he needed to spread the word and that he could make a profound difference for others.

Hemp Oz’s philosophy is grounded in the belief that there’s a better way to make healthier consumables and therapeutics functional by nature, not merely by name, where curiosity is essential and good-for-you is a must. The company’s culture is reflective of their products, all-natural with a raw (cheeky but nice) personality.

Since starting the business the team at Hemp Oz have been first to market with a number of innovative products. The latest being Hemp Soothing Teas which infuse hemp with a powerful blend of natural herbs used in traditional medicine to support and promote health and wellness.

The Hemp Oz Soothing tea range is designed for the mind body and soul and includes Sleep, Digest, Immune and Relieve. This exciting new range offers consumers the benefits of a peaceful night’s sleep, a healthier gut, support for the immune system and relief from inflammation.

To date, the company has touched the lives of many consumers, evidenced by their growing community and positive product reviews. Founder, John Leith commented, “Hemp Oz continues to pave the way with the development of innovative functional products. I am thrilled to announce the launch of our Hemp Functional Tea range which will hit the shelves in the coming weeks”.

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