Made With Love, Giselle&I

Jan 31, 2019

Want a simple and natural way to help your baby with colic or other wind and gastrointestinal problems? Look no further than Giselle&i. Run by mother of six, Lily Toma has created a natural tea to help treat colic and wind for infants and children, and is on her way to creating an empire of her company Giselle&i.

Giselle&i launched their new product at Naturally Good Expo last year, Soothe Me Baby tea, which has been available for sale since January last year. Their top goal for exhibiting at Naturally Good was not only to gain awareness, but to take the chance to see what kind of interest there was for a product such as the Soothe Me Baby tea.

Having never ventured out like this or start her own company, Lily, owner of Giselle&I, did find the show a bit overwhelming, but was extremely happy with the way it turned out. “[Being at Naturally Good] helped validate all the hard work that had gone into the business. Having a lot of people in the industry really appreciate my concept was extremely validating”.

“I was also able to secure a distribution deal, which is so much more than what I was expecting” said Lily, marking this deal as her greatest success in being a part of the show this year.

Talking about Naturally Good, Lily explained the expo as “a fantastic start to anyone who has a new product, to not only launch your product but to get a feel for whether there truly is a chance for it to be successful in the market”.

Not only did Lily help grow awareness and secure a new distributor for the brand and product, she was also able to discover potential sales leads and opportunities for the business. “It is a great way to expose your product and connect with people in the business who are able to help you grow your company”.

With the product only being available for sale since January this year, Lily found the experience overall extremely positive. “In all honesty, I was so humbled by anyone and everyone who showed interest, it was extremely rewarding. It was so nice to discuss my product with others and for them to be so genuinely interested.”

“[Naturally Good] was my very first expo, and I had so much fun”.

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