Naturally Clean

Feb 6, 2018

Families across the nation are perusing the aisles and stocking their pantries with ecofriendly cleaning products – reflecting a larger global push towards a more naturally clean way of living. Occupying a significant part of Naturally Good this year, the show floor will feature a number of natural and organic home living products.

Capitalising on this concept are new market entrants and family owned company, Euclove. Decades ahead of the health curve, their story began over 50 years ago when the family Matriarch – a clever and passionate green thumb – began using naturally sourced herbs and plants to make their family home both happy and healthy. Fast-forward to the summer of 2017, Euclove have launched their no nasties and all natural range of kitchen, bathroom and floor cleaning products – celebrating the true beauty of nature.

What merely began as a healthy habit has made an incredible transformation into one of Australia’s leading organic cleaning product ranges – something Euclove are exceptionally proud of and excited to share with households around the country. Making good use of Australia’s amazing flora and fauna, their new range of cleaning products use Australian Blue gum, eucalyptus oils, as well as incorporating the exotic like anti-fungal and antiseptic qualities of the Indian Clove oil.

Continuing to build their brand, Euclove have extended their product offering beyond home cleaners, and have now developed their very own hand cleaner. Breathing life into old traditions, Euclove’s new range of hand wash includes Indian Neem Oil. Neem is known as the ‘Wonder Tree’ that has been used for thousands of years to disinfect and nourish skin naturally. Their unique Neem Oil soap boasts some of the finest essential oils – such as Lavender, Cedarwood and Lemongrass.

Euclove believe their business and product offering should signify all things efficacy and ecofriendly – reflecting some of the most important attributes held by consumers around the world, where 26% of consumers want household cleaners with ingredients that are organic/all natural and 61% want products that clean well.

To remain at the forefront of changing market trends and consumer expenditure, Euclove strive to ensure their range of natural products are cost comparable to chemical alternatives, so that you don’t have to compromise health over affordability.

On a mission to keep homes safe and toxin free, Euclove believe their business model and core values reflect a greener way of living.

Effective, affordable and all natural – your customers will love Euclove!

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