3-4 Jun 2024

Natural Home & Living

Sustainability, eco-friendly and natural materials are now not only preferred by consumers when it comes to food and cosmetics, but it’s now extending into what goes on in the home & living environment.


This shift in focus has turned consumers to become more aware of how their way of living is impacting the earth, and are actively looking for alternatives that are friendly to both their families and the planet. It’s time to stock a unique range of home & living products to increase your competitiveness and to keep your customers coming back for more. This might even open up your store to markets you’ve yet to tap into, for example Millennials who are known to pay premium for goods that align with their values and brands that stand for something, especially as they move into the most important spending period of their lives.

One visit to Naturally Good will give you the opportunity to meet with the masterminds behind the brands and learn their stories, and find that next product range to strengthen your business’ position.

Some products you'll see...

Aromatherapy & Essential Oils

Body Brushes

Cleaning Products, Materials, Tools & Utensils

Reusable Food Wraps

Baby, Toddler & Child

Walk away with actionable business tips too

Apart from exhibitors, Naturally Good also hosts a seminar program jam-packed with panels, presentations and case studies over the two days of the show. Visitors hear from some of the industry's most preeminent experts, and explore topics such as retail, e-commerce and emerging trends, and take back shopper trend insights, social media tricks and more for your business.

The seminar program is FREE to attend, allowing visitors to gain a world of knowledge and learn more about the industry their business is involved in. Stay tuned for updates.

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