Nutra-licious Health Hits Naturally Good

Apr 15, 2018

Nutritious, organic and delicious, Mark and Darlene Powell are the dynamic duo behind Gold Coast based business Nutra Organics – who’ve taken natural living to a whole new level.

Nutra Organics is made up of a tight-knit team of families. They understand it takes a village to raise a child – so it takes a team of families to passionately run a successful business. From mums and dads to brothers and sisters, it’s all hands on deck, each coming together with the one vision – nutrition today, for a healthy tomorrow. Passionate about what they do, the entire team is just as committed to each other, as they are to their business.

Founders Mark and Darlene Powell

Founders Mark and Darlene Powell

With a growing family, the pair believes that the food you consume ultimately controls how healthy you feel. A journey that began 20 years ago has grown into Mark and Darls’ passion for optimum health – which has resulted in one of the industry’s most vibrant product offerings.

In constant awe with the changes in their children’s and grandchildren’s health and wellbeing since incorporating Nutra Organics into their daily lifestyle, the team felt even more motivated and excited to share their formulations with the rest of Australia.

Nutra Organics strive to combine wholefood nutritional products with ethical eating and organic foods – having an utmost appreciation and enjoyment for all-around health. In return, they want to share and inspire those across Australia to turn their health and lifestyles around, or make some long-term changes, for the better!

While it’s never too late to start living a healthy lifestyle, Nutra Organics have made it even easier for absolutely anyone to lead a healthy, energetic and fulfilling life with their tasty and beneficial range.


Retailers, health food stores, café’s and restaurants have been quick to stock the range of Nutra Organic goodies. Their ‘ready in seconds’ broth was made with the time poor man (and woman!) in mind, while their collagen and gelatin range on the other hand, offers the opportunity to create wellness – from the inside out!

One of their better-known feats is an industry game changer and nourishing coffee alternative – Superfood Lattes. Instagram-able, healthy, vibrant and delicious, the Mermaid Latte uses the only two naturally blue foods in the world: blue spirulina and butterfly pea flower.

Mermaid Latte

With products stocked around the nation, their products are also easily accessible via their eye-popping online store, and if a quick scroll through their Instagram isn’t motivation enough to jump on board the newest craze to hit the industry, then you’ll have the chance to stop by and visit this dynamic team at stand i24.

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