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Retail sales of ‘better-for-you’ products continue to climb, with no slowing in sight. Are you positioned to meet the growing demand? Are you stocking the products your customers are looking for? Do you know what the next big trend in healthy products will be? Naturally Good Expo was conceived and created to make certain that you do.

Make it a priority to attend Naturally Good Expo in May to find the vendors, distributors and new product sensations that will put you on the leading edge of a surging market.


What new flavours, ingredients or formulas will emerge as top-selling consumer favourites? Which breakout categories will be driving sales in the year ahead? Explore a comprehensive selection of healthy choices and find out for yourself by sampling the largest range of quality natural and organic products ever served up in Australia.


Attend the in-depth seminar program and access the latest ideas and practical, tactical information that will help you make the right buying decisions, merchandise better and increase sales.


The business of health and wellness retailing is changing, fuelled by a wealth of innovative brands, ideas and new distribution channels. Naturally Good Expo helps you zero in on new opportunities— tracking trends, comparing products, connecting face-to-face with the right suppliers and working your options with pinpoint efficiency.


  • See and sample the latest new products for healthy eating and living
  • Understand industry and consumer trends that can have effect on future business
  • Access practical, tactical information and education that can help you compete, grow and profit
  • Find new suppliers who can help you stock your shelves with products that your customers want
  • Get great product deals and exclusive show specials
  • Meet and talk to the innovators and entrepreneurs behind the brands
  • Hear industry success stories and be inspired by out-of-the-box thinking
  • Gauge what’s happening in the industry – who’s who and who’s new!
  • Connect with industry colleagues, friends and a whole bunch of other motivated people who are passionate about changing the world through better, healthier products.
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Naturally Good Expo was created specifically with retail buyers, like you, in mind. The health and wellness retail market, as we know it, is changing. Fast.

As a retail owner, manager or buyer, you’ll find attending Naturally Good Expo invaluable to your business and job. It is two days brimming with the latest products, innovations, trends and insights across the health and wellness sector. It’s everything you need to remain relevant, competitive and profitable in an evolving market.


The Expo floor is packed with the newest and hottest products shaping the future of the natural, healthy and organic marketplace. From supplements and functional foods to grocery and health and beauty, explore and sample the best products to stock your shelves, increase your margins and meet the needs of your store customers.


Three seminar theatres will run non-stop for the entire duration of the Expo giving you access to hard-to-come-by education tailored specifically for retailers with health-conscious customers. Two days of actionable education that promises to deliver practical, tactical information you can take back to your store and action immediately.

Industry experts will share key insights on market and consumer trends and shopper behaviour. You’ll learn new merchandising and marketing strategies to grow basket size and online sales, attract new customers and maintain loyalty and tap into new shopper categories, like new mums. Get expert tips and advice on how to improve margins, work with suppliers more effectively, manage stock optimisation levels to avoid wastage, and how to stock the right products that meet your customers needs.



“Over eight hours I can get to 35 different suppliers. If I was travelling I could only see five suppliers in a day so this is really productive.”
- Rozete Alves, Buyer,  TJX Australia

“My customers want natural, organic, fair trade. It was all under the one roof instead of me trolling for weeks on the internet for individual companies.”
- Lisa Schilling-Thomson, Business Development Manager, The Distributor Group


“Consumers want natural, healthy products so this is exactly where we need to be.”
Christi Russell, Buyer, Costco Wholesale

“Naturally Good helps us develop our strategy and which products and brands can help us achieve it. It’s about knowing what the trends are so we can provide them to our consumers.”
- Steve Jones, Category Manager – Health Food, Woolworths

“Naturally Good is invaluable to gain new suppliers and to see what products are coming to market.”
- Sarah Hemmings, Owner, Foodworks Lorn (Vic)


“This is such an exciting place to do business. Exhibitors are in the mindset for selling and we’re in the mindset for buying!”
- Irene Falcone, Founder and CEO, Nourished Life

“This show has so much variety of the natural foods and the health and beauty products. It’s everything I’m looking for.”
Christi Russell, Buyer, Costco Wholesale


“I was on the hunt for some specific gluten-free products my customers asked for and I’ve ticked all of those boxes.”
- Leah Barratt, Owner, Provisions Deli and Grocery


“Customers want clean and green products and as a retailer we have to meet consumer demand.  If we don’t, they’re going to go somewhere else that will!”
- Marie Uzelac, Owner, Magic Mountain Health Foods (Murwillumbah, NSW)

“The Naturally Good Expo was fantastic – not to be missed for new and old retailers.”
- Abbey De Lorenzo, Manager, Jo’s Pantry (Colac, Vic)

“We need to be ahead of the game, the early adopters, and at the forefront of wellness. At Naturally Good you’ll see some tremendous ranges and innovative products to help you grow your business.”
- Chad Braithwaite, CEO, Healthy Life

“We’ll be ranging a lot of products we’ve found here. It was a really crammed two days so we had to go both days to see everything!”
- Jodie Christensen, Owner, Healthbeat (Nambour, Qld)

“We’ve found five new suppliers we’ve never seen before so we’re really excited!”
- Dick Herries, Owner, Go Vita Cairns (Qld)

“It’s extremely well laid out, well organised. It’s everything I’m passionate about!”
- Christina Hancock, Proprietor, 2Be Nourished (Grafton, NSW)

“You can taste, smell, touch, and get the whole experience of the products. Naturally Good was amazing!”
- Valor Jordan, Owner, Healthy Life Noosa (Qld)

“It’s great to put a story behind products and meet the makers so we can sell the story to our customers. We’ve found unique and innovative products we wouldn’t hear about all the way in Cairns.”
- Amanda Jane Herries, Go Vita Cairns (Qld)


How does your pharmacy cater to the current and future needs of the market and the next-generation of health-conscious consumers? Are you positioned to tap into the mainstream shift towards eating and living a more healthier lifestyle? Is the pharmacy of tomorrow more of a convenience store for women or a health and wellness centre for the family?

The retail environment and pharmacy industry are always undergoing change. As margins shrink and new legislation threatens to open up competition, it’s time to look for new front of counter products and opportunities – products that attract new customers, new revenues and provide greater margins.

Naturally Good Expo serves up a massive range of natural, healthy and organic products for todays progressive pharmacy operators. Whether you’re a pharmacist, pharmacy assistant or pharmacy manager, attending Naturally Good Expo will provide a window into the expanding categories and product ranges that can help you differentiate from competitors and tap into the growing shift towards all things natural, organic and sustainable.


The Expo floor is packed with the newest and hottest products shaping the future of the natural, healthy and organic marketplace. From supplements to snack foods to health and beauty products, explore and sample the best products to stock your shelves, increase your margins and meet the needs of your pharmacy customers.


What are the future trends in health and wellness? Who are the new customers? What are the breakout categories you need to keep an eye on? Our seminar program, which is world-class, delivers the best and latest insights on market and consumer trends and shopper behaviour as well as clinical and practitioner based education and CPE/CPD points.


“This is so efficient. It’s two days with lots of customers, lots of suppliers, lots of information…this would take me weeks to do if I was back in my office.”
- Ilonka Schneider, Health Category Buyer, Malouf Pharmacies

“We’re ecstatic! Naturally Good has given me some great ideas, information on products, trends, where the industry is going and what other people are doing.”
- Con Dasios, Pharmacist, Synergy Pharmacy and Health (Brisbane, Qld)

“Naturally Good has all the products under one roof to help us expand into health foods.”
- Murray Rowe, Pharmacist, Friendlies Pharmacy Subiaco (WA)

“Pharmacy is evolving. It’s never been a better time for healthy food. We came back with a lot of things we’d never seen that will give us the edge. We’re definitely glad we went down!”
- Susie Pagano, Pharmacist/Owner, Terry White Chemist (Lutwyche, Qld)


Do you offer your retail customers the best choice of natural/organic products? The demand for natural and organic products continues to soar as more consumers adopt a healthier lifestyle. Such demand is resulting in an explosion of new products coming to market, and have retailers from all channels reviewing the products they stock on their shelfs.

Stay ahead of the curve by attending Naturally Good Expo. See what’s new and what’s next in natural and organic products. Meet manufacturers and entrepreneurs who have created innovative products designed to meet the needs of today’s health-conscious shoppers.


The Expo floor is packed with the newest and hottest products shaping the future of the natural, healthy and organic products marketplace. From food, beverage and supplements to health and beauty products — Naturally Good Expo is where you’ll discover the best selling brands of today and meet the passionate people behind them. It’s where you’ll find the products your retail customers want.


“If retailers grab onto everything Naturally Good brings to the table, their business will flourish. If you’re not here, you really should be!”
- Dale Parkes, Manager Director, Unique Health Products

“It’s really fabulous now we’ve got a trade show worth the industry supporting.”
- Roger Pitt, Owner and Director, Kadac Pty Ltd

“The show is great for suppliers, manufacturers, distributors just to get together and do business.”
Scott Horwell, CEO, Go Vita Distributors

“Fantastic atmosphere! Great range range of products!”
- Natasha Vertogen, Soulfresh

“We need to be here to support our retailers and our suppliers.”
- Alexis Phitidis, CEO, Global By Nature


The growing importance towards nutrition, alternative medicine and holistic health and fitness is driving significant growth in the natural and organic products marketplace. Consumer demand is fuelling the explosion of new health products coming to market.

Customers and patients look to you for expertise and guidance when it comes to their wellness. As a health or fitness professional, your advice is held in the highest regard – making you a critical connection between the products found at Naturally Good Expo and those seeking your advice.

Visit Naturally Good Expo to stay up-to-date with the latest innovations and trends, sample the best new products – from functional foods, nutritional supplements and non-harmful beauty and skincare products – and learn what’s next in health and wellness. This is your once-a-year opportunity to meet the people behind the brands and gain first-hand knowledge about their products, the ingredient sources and health benefits.


The Expo floor is packed with the newest and hottest products shaping the future of the natural, healthy and organic marketplace. From supplements and functional foods to health and beauty products, explore and sample the best products that can help you care for your patients and clients better.


“My clients are so savvy that I need to be here so I can make better recommendations to them. It’s incredibly important for naturopaths and herbalists to keep their skills going and knowing the products and the industry is part of that.”
- Tobey-Ann Pinder, Naturopath

“Naturally Good was the best expo I have ever been to!!! The people and the products were just amazing…natural, pure and the best quality. You have to attend both days – not just one. Coming from Melbourne it was well worth it!!!”
- Georgia Lagoudakis, Owner, Radiant Wellbeing


As a manufacturer/supplier of natural products, the health of our industry relies on your success, your innovations and the quality of your products. Regardless of your position in the marketplace, understanding the industry landscape, new product releases and market trends is key to maximising strategies, insights and ROI.

Naturally Good Expo is the barometer for where the natural and organic products market is now — and where it is headed. It provides the ideal platform to see what’s new in the health and wellness space, and gain a better understanding of what opportunities lay ahead for new product developments. It’s also a great place to connect with other innovators and entrepreneurs, to forge new partnerships and start new relationships.


The Expo floor is packed with the newest and hottest products shaping the future of the natural, healthy and organic products marketplace — from food, beverage and supplements to health, beauty and home living products.


“This is THE Australian natural health expo to attend – see the latest trends and developments in natural health and organic living.”
- Skye Mentjox, Brand Manager, Pharmacare

“This is an extremely efficient way to do business. We’ve got our target audience right here under one roof. It’s easy to see a lot of people very quickly and keep up with trends.”
- Monica Topliss, Director, Monica’s Mixes

“It’s as much an innovation expo as a health and wellness expo!”
- Stuart Paine, General Manager, Dick Smith Foods

“There was a good mix of suppliers, finished foods, products and manufacturers. I spoke to lots of people about interesting ingredients and new ingredients I didn’t expect to see. I was there for a few hours and it was a very good use of my time.”
- Nick Geyman, Product Development Manager, Kellog Australia


“If you are in the industry, the Naturally Good Expo is your next ‘must see’ event!”
- Warwick Brown, Practice Lead, Slade Partners

“This is where you find real potential clients – not tyre kickers!”
- John Blair, Pacific CoPack

“There’s nothing more efficient than an exhibitor or a customer, broker or distributor, coming to one place and getting a huge amount of business done, as opposed to travelling all over the country.”
– Bob Burke, CEO, Natural Products Consulting (USA)

“Naturally Good let’s you see all the brands in one place so a retail buyer can walk to the floor and meet a multitude of brands and make those decisions essential to running a natural food store.”
- Tim Sperry, President, The Tim Sperry Group (USA)



Cover the hottest launches and latest innovations in natural, healthy and organic products by attending Naturally Good Expo. With over 200 businesses showcasing 1000+ quality products, it’s a unique opportunity to meet the entrepreneurs and innovators behind the products, face-to-face, and discover what’s new and what’s next in health and wellness retailing.

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