2-3 Jun 2019

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Clean, Beauty Within, and Functional Ingredients

Written by Lisa Crawford-Jones This year marks greater mainstream awareness of “what goes on, goes in” with growing numbers of consumers understanding the direct link between health, nutrition, functional ingredients, beauty and personal care. Demand is starting to reach tipping point where mainstream retailers are actively looking to differentiate with toxin-free options and targeted marketing campaigns, and […]

From Humble Beginnings Come Great Things

3.6 million. That is the number of plastic toothbrushes purchased each year, most of which end up in landfills and oceans. The Humble Co. is fighting this norm by creating a range of natural products including toothpaste, chewing gum and natural bamboo toothbrushes and dish brushes. Using these non-plastic products helps to minimise the litter […]

The Boom of Vegan Cosmetics in 2018

Veganism is on the rise worldwide, with Australia the third fastest growing market globally. Roy Morgan Research has shown that between 2012 and 2016, the number of Australians eating a vegetarian diet rose from 1.7 million to 2.1 million (just over 11 percent of the population). The logical step for anyone pursuing a vegan diet […]

Wot’s Not to Love?

The Wotnot story starts with a nappy. Yes, that’s right, the first environmentally friendly nappy in Australia – Moltex Oko. Two mothers, Sinead Roberts and Sioned Guard, came together in 2007 with their idea to launch the Moltex nappy so that parents would have a latex and fragrance-free option for their little ones. Since then, […]

Organic Industry Growth Busting into Beauty Sector

It’s no secret that Australia’s organic industry is booming. Thanks to growing health and environmental consciousness, consumers are demanding products and services that are chemical-free and ethically-produced. Key Trends Driving Organic Beauty Industry Growth According to the report, increasing consumer awareness about the dangers of chemical compounds in traditional cosmetics has driven industry growth. They […]

Chemical-free cosmetics hit their stride

The skin is our largest organ, so it makes sense for customers to want to use products that are free from chemical nasties that go by equally nasty names. From parabens, diethanolamine or DEA, polyethylene glycol or PEG, and sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate, or SLS and SLES, for starters. But what about […]

Interview : Natural – It’s the Biggest Beauty Trend out There

This article first appeared in Natural Products Global, part of Diversified’s global natural & organic network. Written by Jim Manson. Natural and organic beauty brands need to be every bit as good as their top-selling non-natural counterparts says Mark Steele, men’s toiletries and haircare buyer at UK supermarket chain Waitrose. In a special video interview for Natural […]

Five Health & Wellness Trends To Watch

Written by Mala McAlpin, SPA+CLINIC The SPA+CLINIC team attended the annual Naturally Good Expo last month, and were pleasantly surprised by both the sheer amount of Aussie-made, natural skincare currently on the market, and the overall emphasis the health and wellness industry is placing on beauty. What we’re currently witnessing is a blurring of the line […]

Native Man: Why simplifying skincare for men makes good business sense

This article first appeared in What’s New in Healthy Products. The increasingly sophisticated grooming habits of the Australian man is driving opportunities for niche entrepreneurial start-ups in a market traditionally dominated by larger players. Men’s grooming is one of the fastest growing categories in the beauty and personal care market and projected to be worth […]

Cruelty-free Beauty: a Growing Demand

Written by Fiona Ward In July 2017, a new legislation came into force in Australia: banning the sale of animal-tested cosmetics and other personal products in the country, as well as those containing ingredients tested on animals. For many already working in the natural wellness sphere, an ethical, cruelty-free stance has long been a top […]

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