1-2 Jun 2020


Going Global: How to go for Overseas Growth

Feb 26, 2020 Business

Global expansion is an attractive proposition – and not simply because of the promise of increased revenues. If you’re in the business of health and wellness, the desire to do something that makes a positive difference can be a strong incentive for you to reach as many people as possible. But are you really ready […]

Sustainability Lessons from Five of the World’s Biggest Brands

Feb 20, 2020 Business

The business world is becoming more sustainable – and it’s not just a PR exercise. Increasingly, top companies in the United States and beyond are concluding that looking after the environment and their staff can be good for the bottom line, too. Across the spectrum – from retail stalwarts such as Walmart to tech innovators […]

How to Create a Niche Audience in the Trillion-Dollar Wellness Sector

Feb 12, 2020 Business

When you set up business in an industry as big as wellness, worth $4.5 trillion globally as of 2018, it makes sense to want to get as big a slice of the pie as possible. Yet how you go about it may go against the grain of “let’s attract as many people as we can to […]

Nothing Beats Face-to-Face

Feb 4, 2020 Business

No matter how hard your website and social media accounts are working for your brand, according to the Queensland government’s inaugural small business champion, Maree Adshead, nothing compares to the impact communicating with customers face-to-face can have. “I’m a big believer in the power of connecting in person,” Adshead says. “And compared to meeting someone […]

From Nootropics to Climate Crisis: Trends to Watch at Natural & Organic Products Europe

Jan 28, 2020 Business

With a new year upon us, a few of regular attendees to our sister event Natural & Organic Products Europe shared their insights on a few key trends to watch in 2020: “Looking at food, I think we’ll still see continuing growth in the vegan and plant-based categories. Some of that will be down to […]

AUS-QUAL Certification Body Extends Offering with ‘Bud’ Logo Licensing Agreement

Dec 11, 2019 Business

Australian Organic, industry partner of Naturally Good, is pleased to announce the signing of a licensing agreement with certification body AUS-QUAL to offer Bud logo licensing to certified organic businesses. AUS-QUAL is Australia and New Zealand’s leading agribusiness auditing, certification and training provider. As a wholly owned subsidiary of AUS-MEAT Limited, which has contributed to […]

Pitch Perfect: How to Get Your Product on Supermarket Shelves

Sep 17, 2019 Business

A supermarket contract can be the Holy Grail for many health-focused SMEs, not only because it leads to increased sales in the short term but also because it can help legitimise a product or brand in the eyes of mainstream consumers over the long term. However, “getting on shelf’” is a highly competitive process, according […]

How Independent Retailers Can Differentiate Themselves From the Pack

Sep 9, 2019 Business

Independent retail plays a critical role in the Australian business landscape, offering consumers diversity of choice, and often incubating innovative and emerging brands before they hit the mainstream. With so many businesses itching to get a foothold in the market, it’s little surprise that the session – What Some of Australia’s Best Independent Retailers do […]

Celebrate Certified Organics this September

Sep 5, 2019 Business

This September, Australian Organic (Australia’s leading organic industry body) is celebrating Australian Organic Awareness Month! Australian Organic Awareness Month (AOAM) is Australia’s largest campaign to generate awareness and education around the term ‘organic’, whilst also promoting certified organic products across a range of different categories – from fruit and veggies all the way through to […]

How To Go Niche Without Alienating Your Existing Market

Aug 21, 2019 Business

Written by Peta Shulman. If I had to distill everything I’ve learnt into one tidy takeaway, it’s this – specialising is the key to building a sustainable and scalable business. The most memorable brands do one thing – or a handful of things – really well. They don’t try to do it all. Going niche […]

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