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Natural Health

Fucoidan: An Inside Look at a Trending Marine Ingredient

Sep 20, 2019 Natural Health

Leading Australian biotechnology company, Marinova – the world’s only supplier of certified-organic Fucoidan – expects interest in this trending marine ingredient to grow quickly in the natural products industry, as research continues to reveal the exciting health potential it offers. Fucoidan is a bioactive polysaccharide extracted from the cell walls of brown seaweeds. It forms […]

Vital Natural Health Trends that are Influencing Modern Shoppers

Sep 12, 2019 Food & Drink

Convenient, healthy, ethical, premium food products have never been more popular at any time in history. And specifically, for anyone operating in this space, it pays to be aware of what is driving demand and how to harness interest. Three of Australia’s top experts in the field – Peta Shulman of GoodnessMe Box, Ben Whyatt […]

Get the Good Oil on Terpenes

May 16, 2019 Natural Health

Sponsored article Primal Organix is an Australian health brand using terpene therapy to interact with the brain’s endocannabinoid systems to treat a range of issues including anxiety, pain and inflammation. You might have heard about terpene therapy and the endocannabinoid system before – but let’s take a deeper dive into these topics to find out […]

Digestive Health, Food as Medicine & Niche Marketing Dominate Natural Health

Dec 11, 2018 Natural Health

Written by Lisa Crawford-Jones Naturally functional and specialised products that focus on food as medicine rather than traditional tablet supplementation have won favour with consumers this year. Digestive health remains at the top of the agenda. More broadly, consumers are taking a systematic and holistic lifestyle approach to health and wellbeing, driven by a greater […]

Food as Medicine: Fad or Fact?

Nov 14, 2018 Natural Health

Long before the days of the corner chemist, food was used as medicines. Despite humanity’s long standing reliance on the goodness of nature for various ailments, it can be hard to convince the modern consumer that food is better than a pill. We have all witnessed the bombardment of ‘natural’ diets including the ‘Atkin’, “Paleo’, […]

Sweeten Up Your Life

Jul 24, 2018 Natural Health

Honey: smooth, tasty and antibacterial? Berringa Australian Honey produces high quality Manuka Honey to delicious Eucalyptus Honey – all of which are in demand worldwide! Berringa Australian Honey is a 100% Australian owned and operated business established over 20 years ago. They take great pride in their honey and ensure that is as natural as […]

Regulatory Changes Will Ensure Australia Stays A World Leader

May 31, 2018 Natural Health

This article first appeared in Natural Products Global, part of Diversified’s global natural & organic network. Written by Jim Manson. Recent changes to the regulation of complementary medicines in Australia will strengthen the country’s status as a world leader in product innovation in the category. That’s the view of the trade body Complementary Medicines Australia (CMA), which […]

Building an Empire in the Naturopath Space

Mar 19, 2018 Natural Health

Written by Tim Buttery. Naturopathy business is fast becoming a viable alternative to modern medicine in Australia and females are the primary target audience of your business according to studies from the Australian Research Centre in Complementary and Integrative Medicine. Jerome Sarris and Jon Wardle, authors of Clinical Naturopathy In Practice argue that “Naturopathy is […]

Heart Disease Prevention

Feb 13, 2018 Natural Health

Written by Rosemary Ann Ogilvie The leading cause of death in Australia in 2016 was ischaemic heart disease, although on a positive note the number of such deaths has been declining for several years. Natural therapists have a key role to play in heart disease prevention, thereby helping ensure the continuation of this decline – but […]

How to Hack Google Map Results

Jan 23, 2018 Natural Health

Written by Dana Flannery It’s the number one traffic driver—for both foot and web, and it’s only on the rise. Google’s local search is the best way for clinics and allied health SMEs to find new clients. Unfortunately, your rankings on this platform are largely determined by the number and quality of testimonials on your […]

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