3-4 Jun 2024


Solidteknics connects with new customers and expands exports at Naturally Good

Introducing Solidteknics

An innovative cookware company creating high-quality, durable, and sustainable kitchen products. Having exhibited at Naturally Good since 2018, they have become a key brand in the Conscious Consumption Zone – an area highlighting brands with a positive impact on society, the economy, and the environment.

Revolutionising the kitchenware industry

Solidteknics eliminates the need for rivets, welds, or chemical coatings, resulting in cookware that is incredibly robust and long-lasting. By prioritizing durability and sustainability, Solidteknics reduces waste and provides chefs with reliable, eco-friendly kitchen tools that can last for generations.

Unlocking potential clients at Naturally Good 

Solidteknics excelled at Naturally Good 2023. In two days they managed to:

  • Make meaningful connections with new customers
  • Strengthen key existing relationships
  • Explore export opportunities

Naturally Good proves to be a vital platform for companies like Solidteknics to connect with key buyers. It is the place for brands in the natural space to do business.

  • Curious about how Naturally Good can boost your brand?

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