1-2 Jun 2020

Industry News

5 tips to holiday-proof your business

Written by Adeline Er, from SPA+CLINIC It’s that time of the year when everyone wants to get their hair and nails done, fake tan, facials, fillers, massage – you name it! It’s great news but not if you aren’t prepared for the influx of customers. Remember, all you need is one bad experience to lose […]

Range matters most for 60% shoppers – and health stores do it best

Dec 3, 2017 Global News

Range is the main reason for store choice for 60% of European shoppers, according to new research from IRI. The good news for the natural products sector is that specialist health and organic stores are rated best of all on offering depth of range.

Sugar tax a sweet deal for Aussie health

Dec 1, 2017 Food & Drink

With a sugar tax on the cards for the UK in 2018, pressure is on for the Australian Government to take similar steps. So what can food and beverage businesses expect?

The bright side of the Federal Government’s natural therapies rebate changes

Nov 21, 2017 Natural Health

Written by James Rose The Federal Government’s withdrawal of healthcare subsidies for alternative therapies is certainly not the sort of news practitioners in this space might have hoped for. In an attempt to reduce price hits on private health insurance consumers, the government has sought to cut costs in an area of healthcare that is […]

Making the leap from online to retail

Nov 14, 2017 Business

Are you ready to make the leap from online to retail? Making the leap from a life as an online brand to that of a retail brand in bricks and mortar stores, requires a new level of knowledge and relationships.

Should you be advertising on Facebook?

Oct 11, 2017 Business

In the first feature for our Natural Business School, Shelley Atkin founder of Tide Media discusses best practices and the reasons why Facebook advertising is crucial for start-ups and brands in the health and wellness industry.

Are natural ingredients determining our skin-care buying habits?

As more and more of consumers increasingly question the harsh ingredients on their skin, the demand for natural and organic skincare products has substantially increased in Australia and around the world.

The Hemp Food Industry

Oct 5, 2017 Food & Drink

Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ)’s decision earlier this year to permit the sale of low-THC hemp seed products as a food, has been welcomed by Australia’s largest grower of hemp, Hemp Foods Australia. Earlier this year, Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) prepared and assessed a proposal to develop a food regulatory measure […]

Health Conscious Foodies – the Rise of Consumer Demand for Natural and Organic Food

Oct 2, 2017 Food & Drink

With Australia’s organic industry currently worth $919 million and predictions it could be worth $1.2 billion by 2022*, the consumer demand for natural foods has never been bigger. Each year hundreds of new products in the health / natural space debut in an attempt not only sate the appetite of hungry, health-conscious foodies, but to […]

Diversified Communications Aquires Naturally Good Expo

Diversified Communications Australia today announces the acquisition of Naturally Good Expo to complement its growing global portfolio of events and publications in the natural and organic sector.

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