1-2 Jun 2020

Speaker Series

The seminar theatre is the place to learn about what’s now and next with free access to 20 presentations, panels and case studies to grow your business. Visitors had the opportunity to hear from some of Australia’s preeminent experts in retail, e-commerce and business strategy; discover emerging consumer trends; and gain practical insights to take your digital and social media strategies to the next level. You’ll learn about the modern shoppers’ approach to food, drink and nutrition; factors influencing Australian FMCG; leading retailer omni channel case studies; and why social responsibility makes good business sense.

The education program was free to attend at Naturally Good 2019, opening up a world of knowledge to the retail industry and all those involved.

Planning for the 2020 program is also well underway, to bring you a better program and line up of speakers for 2020. Should you have any suggestions to the program, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sunday 2 June 2019

Theatre 1

The digital revolution has allowed Australian founder-owned independent beauty brands to directly build consumer demand and pioneer a new category in what is now a rapidly growing movement.

Consumers are more educated than ever before, and not just on the ‘dirty dozen’ but on full ingredient transparency, key certifications and issues around ‘green washing’, animal cruelty and social responsibility. It's fair to say ‘clean’ is emerging as the new ‘natural’ and demand is reaching the tipping point. Mainstream retailers are actively looking to differentiate with toxin-free options and targeted marketing campaigns, while a new breed of e-tailers is helping facilitate growth of online sales in cosmetics and skin care products.

Join Cindy Luken, food scientist, founder of Luk Beautifood and pioneer of clean beauty in Australia with our panel of analysts and retailers in this deep dive into what it means to be ‘clean’, factors influencing Australian retail and the key things you need to know to capitalise on this growing market.

Convenient, healthy, ethical, premium, and food versus supplements – This session takes a multidimensional look at how different demographic groups view food, drink and nutrition; key trends driving purchase decisions; and how food retail industry and brands are responding.

Key takeaways:
· The impact of Millennials and Generation Z on plant-based diets, functional foods, nutraceuticals, ethics and transparency
· The trade up to premium - who's doing it and why
· How mums’ shopping habits are changing the snacking isle
· Our changing view of healthy ageing and the impacts at retail
· Active lifestyles across the ages

With Google, decreeing that this year 80 per cent of global internet consumption will be video - it should now be an essential part of every marketers playbook. Brands not using video risk heavy losses in search, engagement and ultimately sales. With video leading the content marketing charge now is the time for businesses to show, not tell. So how do you incorporate video into your content strategy? Master the art of storytelling and learn how successful businesses use video to maximise brand awareness and engagement.

In this session you'll learn:
• Why video is worth the investment
• Where video fits on your marketing mix
• Three storytelling methods successful businesses use to drive sales
• How to craft a captivating storyline for ultimate video marketing success

You'll leave this session with a storyboard template and plenty of ideas for executing a triumphant video marketing strategy.

One of the greatest challenges all businesses face is staying relevant to its target market, particularly in times of rapid change. As the world changes, so do your customers. In today’s hyper-connected and health-aware market, customers have far more distractions, choices, and opportunities – and you have more competition within and outside your traditional channel or category. This tests the bond between your business and customer and, if left unchecked, your brand goes stale, core strengths languish and opportunities to keep pace pass by, with the ultimate cost being market share – or worse.

Catherine Cervasio, business mentor, Director of ALUXE and founder of AROMABABY Natural Skincare, will leaving you asking and answering the ‘relevance question’. She’ll cover:
• Intellectual property and using it to sustain your business
• How to maintain flexibility in a changing retail landscape
• Brand reinvention and the power of purpose in your story
• And how to approach adding value to your sector

Growing your email list with genuinely interested subscribers can be challenging but if done correctly can grow your audience and your business. Sending great emails to a disengaged list is like building a billboard in the desert - a waste of time, effort and money. Personalisation, customer experience, and quality over quantity - welcome to your email marketing playbook for right now!

Felisha Mendoza Mina shares tried and tested techniques to grow your list with fresh, qualified subscribers and power your email marketing efforts to increase your conversions ten-fold. She’ll share:

- Six innovative ways you can grow your email list
- How successful brands nurture new subscribers to be customers in under 12 days
- Essential email marketing automation tools

Access the presentation slides here ›

Theatre 2

Retail today is all about the convergence of the in-store and online experiences to meet the modern consumer’s continually changing demands. And creating a seamless omnichannel experience is essential for competing in today’s connected retail environment. But how do you bring it all together?

Sonya Keenan, Managing Director of Omnichannel Media Group, will deliver the strategies and tactics for every retailer looking to make sense of digitisation. You’ll hear about the changing role of physical retail, using data to better understand your customers, personalisation, social media and other digital marketing strategies to modernise your retail approach and ultimately attract and retain more shoppers.

Customers no longer buy what you sell, but what you stand for. This is especially true for millennials, the generation most likely to vote with their dollar. Prepared to pay more for brands and products that support their values and from retailers they trust, this generation is defined by their demand for transparency, and social and ethical responsibility.

Smart independent retailers are differentiating on their values and beliefs to build communities with meaningful storytelling that positions purpose at the heart of their business, while larger retailers and consumer goods companies are developing responsibility practices and launching more ethical product lines.

From fairtrade, cruelty-free, and green credentials to providence -based key selling points like buy local, Australian-made, small batch and family-owned, leading purpose-driven PR specialist Dora Nikols will share why taking a stand makes good business sense regardless of your size. In fact, this one area where the independent, small and nimble have the advantage!

• How to define and implement purpose-driven retailing for your business
• Supporting a cause that makes a difference, engages customers and grows your business
• Crafting a meaningful story and using it to grow a loyal community of passionate advocates
• Gaining media attention for your business and cause

The world of digital marketing is one of constant change – just when you think you’re getting a hang of things, you’re already lagging behind. The only way to thrive in this ever-changing environment and maintain search relevancy is to evolve and adapt. So how do you get on top of Google’s list right now? Leading digital marketer Scott Sunderland will de-mystify SEO and leave you with today’s top priorities to boost your rankings.

He’ll cover

· What is SEO and how does it work?

· The latest SEO strategies

· How do you rank on the first page of Google

Food fraud in natural foods and supplements is more common than you might think: food manufacturers are at risk of accidentally buying fraudulent ingredients to use in their products; food retailers are at risk of unknowingly selling products that aren’t what they promise to be; Australian brands are at risk of being copied and faked in overseas markets. Worst of all, consumers’ safety is jeopardised by adulterated food products. Did you know food fraud resulted in more than 13 million packages of food and beverage being seized by International Crime authorities in an Interpol operation in 2017; or that the most deadly recorded food fraud incident killed more than 600 people who unwittingly consumed fake olive oil? Join leading Australian food fraud prevention expert Karen Constable and panelists to learn more:

- What is fraud in food and nutritional supplements, and the risks to brands and retailers
- Responsibilities of the brand owner
- Mitigating the risks – must-dos and insight into industry best practice

As human beings, we’re psychologically wired to enjoy a good story. Stories connect us, help us understand concepts easier, and appeal to our emotions and sense of empathy. You can pitch a product until you’re blue in the face, but people won’t care unless you give them a reason to do so. This video-rich presentation with one of Australia’s foremost experts in health marketing, Gillian Fish, is for everyone selling natural, organic and better-for-you products. She’ll share best in class tips and case studies to help you create and share brilliant content that connects with your audiences, cuts through a saturated social landscape, boosts engagement, and ultimately helps you build customer loyalty and sell more products.

You’ll learn tips, tricks and must-dos for success across creative, social, organic and paid media including:

· The Social Trifecta – triple action secrets to social success for your brand and measurement metrics
· Essentials and best in class story telling ideas to bring your store, brands and products to life
· The future of storytelling – how to leverage top social tools to increase engagement
· Those who tell the best stories win – leveraging the power of creative and social

Access the presentation slides here ›

Monday 3 June 2019

Theatre 1

Australia’s appetite for organics is growing year on year but what are consumers buying and why? There’s no doubt consumer awareness of the benefits of natural, organic and healthy is at an all-time high, but it’s critical to keep up with shifting perceptions, attitudes and behaviours to know where opportunities lie and how to take advantage. Where are the growth areas both locally and in the global marketplace? What are the consumer priorities for organic and how do you position your business for the future? Join our Q&A panel session to receive exclusive intel on top-selling product categories, emerging trends in shopper behaviour and where the future lies for certified organics. Discover what’s hot in key categories of food and beverage, beauty and personal care as we look into the findings of the 2019 Australian Organic Market report.

Dr Andrew Monk, Director of Australia’s leading industry body, Australian Organic Limited, along with Nick Bez from Mobium Group & the newly appointed General Manager of Australian Organic Niki Ford will take a deep dive into the state of the market, trends, challenges and opportunities, opening to a panel discussion on where to from here.

As Australia’s market for natural, organic and healthy products mature’s so do consumer attitudes, expectations and priorities. Australians are more educated than ever before in personal health and wellbeing, and they’re savvy in how, where and why they shop for products to meet their needs. Trend cycles are also quickening, intensifying the battle for relevancy for both brands and retailers. Join Clement Here, Group Account Director at IRI as he takes a deep dive into those things that matter most in Australia in healthy FMCG - with a spotlight on food and beverage and natural health. He’ll cover key shopper segments, attitudes and beliefs, behaviours and the market forces shaping local healthy FMCG both now and into the future.

More than a year after it was legalised for consumption as food, it's fair to say Australia is in the midst of hemp fever with this unique ingredient making appearances in everything from skincare, to gin, beer, bars and burgers to pantry staples like honey and hemp mylk. But the challenges for industry are not over yet with regulatory discussions still underway.

What does the future hold for the hemp category in Australia in food, skincare and nutraceuticals? Can hemp transform into a multi-billion-dollar industry in Australia as we see happening in the US? What is CBD oil, its benefits and legal status in Australia, will it become a dietary supplement and what is the sales potential? Global hemp industry experts talk about the emerging hemp industry, upcoming trends such as CBD, clinical research and regulatory issues, market opportunities, threats and challenges for hemp and related products.

North America’s $200 billion+ natural products market - the world’s largest and fastest-growing market for natural, organic, premium and better-for-you products - remains a key indicator for what will hit Australian shores next. Take a peek into the future with renowned natural products consultant Bob Burke as he delivers his essential trends and predictions for the year ahead, and his expert view on where the opportunities lie for Australian retailers and manufacturers. From hemp and CBD, the next generation in faux meats, healthy snacks, beyond probiotics, seaweed and emerging ingredients, this fast-paced information rich session is a must-see!

Bob is a sought after speaker at Expo West and East, The Specialty Food Association’s Winter and Summer Fancy Food Shows in the US and is an advisor to leading natural, organic and specialty food manufacturers and retailers worldwide.

While overly branded content is wearing thin with savvy consumers, it's hard to tune out authentic content generated by raving fans. User Generated Content (UGC) provides authentic information about the brand’s products and services from previous customers. Consider it a modern-day referral – and a way of saving resources, boosting brand credibility and cost-effectively expanding your customer base. With more than 95 million photos and videos shared on Instagram daily (garnering more than 4.2 billion "likes”), it's among the hottest — not to mention most scalable — ways to showcase products, celebrate fans and drive revenue on the web today.

Web Profits' Head of Creative + Social Katherine Chalhoub shares strategies and tactics you'll need to remain ahead of the game and keep your brand the focus of social chatter in the year ahead. She’ll discuss:
• The power of user generated content and why it's the best branding you can ask for
• How to get it and what to do with it, once you've got it
• Examples of killer UGC campaigns

Access the presentation slides here ›

Theatre 2

Take a deep drive into the food and drinks trends driving formulation, packaging, marketing and more in the Australia’s food and beverage market in your essential industry briefing for 2019. Mintel Associate Director Shelley McMillan explores new trends in sustainability, health and wellness, and convenience, sharing insight into market forces driving growth and influencing consumer behaviour.

She’ll cover three key trends you need to know:
· Evergreen consumption - the circular view of sustainability spanning the entire product lifecycle
· Through the ages – how food and drink is building on today’s dialogue about wellness and to transition into solutions for healthy ageing
· Elevated convenience – upgrades in convenience to match the premium expectations of consumers in the on-demand age

Independent retail plays a critical role in the Australian retail landscape, offering consumers diversity of choice, and often incubating innovative and emerging brands before they hit the mainstream. What are those factors that differentiate the successful from the struggling? How do they deal with today’s biggest business challenges to meet changing shopper demands? From adapting to reach a new millennial audience to niching based on values, direct to consumer e-commerce, and approaches to delivering customer delight at every turn, this interactive session features some Australia’s leading retailers of natural, organic, healthy and speciality products.

While Australian products with premium, clean, green and healthy credentials are in demand with China’s 300 million middle class consumers, the greatest untapped opportunity for Australian retailers is right here at home. The growing “inbound” population of Asian locals, migrants, tourists, investors, students and entrepreneurs represent critical market you can’t ignore. China expert and Australia China SME Association President David Thomas shares how creative thinking can help retailers of all sizes attract and delight one or more of these groups by rolling out the metaphorical ‘welcome sign’.

David will take a deep dive into the “inbound” opportunity, sharing insights into:
• Key market segments and how to connect with them
• Keeping up with the changing demands, expectations and aspirations of Chinese buyers
• Essential cultural factors and why appreciating ‘hierarchy’ is a must
• Why relationships are more important than transactions
• Five simple actions for you and your business to become a 'magnet' for Asian consumers

From payments to personalisation, augmented and virtual reality to the latest SaaS technologies, this session delivers what’s now and coming (quickly!) for e-commerce. Laura Doonin is a sought-after strategist and tech expert, winning The People’s Choice TedX Idea of Note and Top 50 People in Ecommerce 2019. She’ll share the local view on how Australians shop and the current omni channel landscape, the evolution of retail technology (it's now easier than you'd think), quick wins for Australian businesses prioritising change.

Retail is no longer separate entities of retailer, supplier and brand. The connected consumer is playing the field online and offline, where, when, how and with whom they choose. And the retail strategic plan should no longer be divided into online and offline.

Nancy Georges brings extensive hands-on retail experience to take small retailers from overwhelm to action with a back-to-basics approach to operating in the ‘new retail’ world. She’ll share insight into how to revisit and apply sound foundational retail principles in today’s marketplace, while embracing the new skills and tools essential to move forward, grow and increase profits. Learn about driving forces in retail today and the connected consumer with seven principles and tactical tips for longevity.

Access the presentation slides here ›

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