3-4 Jun 2024

Digital Advertising

Reinforce your advertising with strategic, year-long reminders that promote your brand to a dedicated audience of oil and gas professionals keeping you top-of-mind when it’s time to convert.

With the business world becoming increasingly competitive, Naturally Good’s digital advertising opportunities allow you to maintain that consistent connection with your audience year-round boosting your overall performance.

Leaderboard Advertising

Leader boards will give your brand premium exposure across multiple positions on the entire Naturally Good website. Your brand will be seen first by retail buyers and distributors visiting the Naturally Good website.

• Full Site Leaderboard – 2 month package (between September 2018 and 28 Feb 2019) - $350+GST
• Full Site Leaderboard – up until 28 Feb 2019 - $950+GST

eNewsletter Advertising

Naturally Good Monthly eNewsletters provide a year round platform for stories, interviews, forecasts and updates sent to over 23,000+ subscribers. Not only will you have a banner to increase brand exposure and market reach but included in this package is an editorial blog post in the official Naturally Good Industry news which can be utilised to promote new products and your business.

Items include:
• Banner advertisement on 1 x selected monthly EDM
• Industry News Blog Article on the AOG website (content supplied by sponsor)

Cost: $1,500+GST

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