2-3 Jun 2019

Industry News

Drought Resistance and Organic Farming

Jan 14, 2019 Food & Drink

As much as consumers are embracing a healthier and more organic lifestyle, many still comment on the fact that going “organic” and living “sustainably” generally equates to a more “expensive” way of living. However, an analysis of over 100 studies conducted by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, may help with a solution to […]

Making Waves to Save Our Oceans

Jan 10, 2019 Business

We all know that plastic poses a threat to our oceans, but through technology and innovation, plenty is being done to help combat the impact of pollution in our oceans. The topic of ocean pollution was a big-ticket item of discussion in 2018; and continues into the new year. Many countries are taking steps towards […]

Meet-The-Buyer: Kirti Meghnani, Choithrams

There are many ways to get a product into overseas markets. Some of the more common methods (using consolidators or Australian-based distributors) can add also significant costs. The best way is to form a relationship with a buyer directly. We spoke to Kirti Meghnani from Choithrams in Dubai, who appeared the Export Connect’s Forum at […]

Smelling Nice, Done KIND-LY

KIND-LY have created a 100% natural deodorant, made from only natural and organic ingredients, blended with essential oils and free from aluminium, parabens, alcohol and nasties. Enriched with probiotics and magnesium, their unique liquid roll-on formula is also vegan, cruelty-free and proudly Australian made. Their range also includes The Armpit Detox – a 7 day […]

Digestive Health, Food as Medicine & Niche Marketing Dominate Natural Health

Dec 11, 2018 Natural Health

Written by Lisa Crawford-Jones Naturally functional and specialised products that focus on food as medicine rather than traditional tablet supplementation have won favour with consumers this year. Digestive health remains at the top of the agenda. More broadly, consumers are taking a systematic and holistic lifestyle approach to health and wellbeing, driven by a greater […]

Clean, Beauty Within, and Functional Ingredients

Written by Lisa Crawford-Jones This year marks greater mainstream awareness of “what goes on, goes in” with growing numbers of consumers understanding the direct link between health, nutrition, functional ingredients, beauty and personal care. Demand is starting to reach tipping point where mainstream retailers are actively looking to differentiate with toxin-free options and targeted marketing campaigns, and […]

Sustainability, Amazon, Gen Z and the Emergence of Voice Commerce: 2018’s Big Moments in Business

Dec 7, 2018 Business

As 2018 draws to a close, it offers the opportunity to reflect on key ideas and moments that have helped shape our year and may give insight into what’s next. Regardless of business type or size, the current challenge is how to adapt to the needs of the modern customer. And while technology undoubtedly plays […]

Sustainability and Functional Ingredients Top Health Agenda in 2018

Dec 5, 2018 Food & Drink

Written by Lisa Crawford-Jones Consumer health awareness has hit an all-time high with many once niche trends rapidly making their way into the mainstream. Broadly, 2018 marks an emerging awareness of the interconnected relationship between physical, emotional, environmental and even spiritual health with consumers seeking meaningful functional ingredients in food, drinks, natural health, beauty and […]

Helping Australia Become Cheeki

Cheeki was established in 2009 with the aim to share the #refillreuse message around the world with high quality and innovative alternatives to disposable food and drink containers. The growing company were looking to expand their consumer base through their main target markets of distributors and retailers in the health and wellbeing industries. “We believe […]

Global Trends in Organic: Data, Deals and Disruptors

Nov 28, 2018 Global News

At the Nordic Organic Food Fair this year, Natural Products Global presented the findings of its annual Global Trends in Organic report.  The survey, compiled by NPG editor Jim Manson, draws on a full year’s coverage of the global organic scene by NPG’s editorial team.  Talking ahead of his presentation, Manson said: “This is very much the world of […]

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