26-27 May 2025

Speaker Profile

Anastasia Karpukhina

Eat Crumble

Anastasia is the founder behind Eat Crumble, a brand that specializes in gluten-free and plant-based chocolate sweets, ingeniously recreating nostalgic childhood favourites into healthier, modern versions. Inspired by the magic and creativity of childhood, Eat Crumble infuses every aspect of the brand with joy and whimsy—from the nostalgic flavours to the bright, arts & crafts inspired packaging.

Growing up with a love for sweets, Anastasia understands the importance of balancing indulgence with well-being. This passion led to the creation of delightful treats that not only evoke cherished memories but also cater to a healthier lifestyle. Through Eat Crumble, Anastasia aims to share these moments of nostalgic joy, ensuring that everyone can enjoy delicious, mindful sweets that bring a touch of childhood magic to their day.

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