5-6 Jun 2023

Business Summit

Are you a manufacturer, brand or distributor looking for business growth? Whether you’re in the start-up phase or an established player looking to scale, Naturally Good Business Summit delivers the information and connections to transform your business.

ICC Sydney

Are you a manufacturer, brand or distributor looking for business growth? Whether you’re in the start-up phase or an established player looking to scale, Naturally Good Business Summit delivers the information and connections to transform your business. The knowledge you’ll gain during a single day with access to experts, one-one advice, and connecting with your fellow trailblazers will bring your best out.

The Naturally Good Business Summit program dives into our rapidly growing and changing industry, where you get to hear from an impressive line up of industry leaders and experts on a range of topics, including insights into the hottest trends and topics taking over the natural and organic sector and business advice from the brands making wavesPlus, you’ll get the chance to network with your fellow industry peers and build business relationships.

Thank you to our 2022 speakers and delegates for a thought-provoking day!

We heard from industry leaders including


Friday 3 June

Australians are more educated about their health, wellbeing and nutrition than ever before. They’re savvy, spoilt for choice and discerning about how and where they vote with their dollar. Take a deep dive into the purchasing habits of today’s shopper, the current state of the industry, how it's changed in the last year, where growth is coming from and how changing shopper attitudes and behaviours are impacting sales across food and drink, household, and beauty and personal care. Backed by extensive research, IRI Asia Pacific Director- Health & Beauty, Jarna McLean, delivers your essential 2022 briefing on what’s happening in the Australian market and why, and what it means for your business.

Purpose-driven companies are outperforming others in almost every way - from culture and talent hire, brand equity and even profit. At its purest form, purpose calls on company leaders to consider why they exist beyond what they make and sell. You need answers to this question now more than ever. And if you haven’t started down the path yet, it can be overwhelming. Brianne West is a New Zealand entrepreneur and founder and CEO of Ethique, a regenerative beauty and lifestyle brand founded to rid the world of plastic bottles. Fast forward a decade and Ethique is now distributed in more than 22 countries globally, is valued at more than $100 million, and has prevented the manufacture and disposal of over 20 million plastic bottles worldwide. From her home kitchen to one of our global purpose driven leaders, Brianne shares the behind-the-scenes grit into the making of Ethique with practical takeaways for intertwining purpose with profit, in ways that are authentic, inspiring and embedded throughout your organisation.

Accounting for every 1 in 3 consumer dollars spent, millennials are the most influential audience of our time. Amassing approximately 8.3 million Australians, they now hold the greatest purchasing power across almost every category. And like the rest of us, they’re getting older. Those at the top end of the scale are entering their forties; they’re growing up, buying houses, and having children. How has their view of the world evolved and what are the priorities driving their purchasing habits today and into the future?

Davidson Branding founder Grant Davidson and his team guide the growth strategies of some of Australia’s top FMCG retailers and companies, including Coles, Aldi, Chobani, Slim Secrets, Carlton United, Heinz and Lacura You. Drawing from over 400 global and local reports, case studies, and industry research, the team at Davidson, with Australia’s leading shopper scientist, have produced an in-depth analysis capturing the lives, likes, emotions, purchase drivers and shopping behaviours of our biggest spending generation. Founder Grant Davidson draws on this research to share how you can capture the hearts, minds and wallets of this influential market.

Navigating the retailer-supplier relationship, requirements of doing business and returning a good profit can be a challenge, especially as you work towards scale within major retail. The truth is there’s no secret sauce, and even those who’ve been in the aisle the longest are jostling to maintain position amongst the wave of new challenger brands.

Understanding your unique value proposition and bargaining power, knowing your commercials inside and out, and how you can work constructively with a retailer in partnership towards win-win outcomes is a good place to start. Jess Gordoun has been on both sides of the fence. A former buyer for Coles Supermarkets and The Reject Shop, snack company founder and co-founder in Ranged consultancy where she now negotiates with buyers daily across major retail channels for a suite of high-performing brands, she’s uniquely placed to help product companies commercialise their retail business and supercharge sales.

Competition at retail is tougher than ever before. Each week it seems there’s a new challenger brand jostling for shelf space. How do you get on shelf and stay there? This panel of heavy-weight buyers will share insider intel on how ranging decisions are made and how they choose one brand over another; attributes of successful brands and sought-after product types; the processes, mandatories and organisational requirements; and their agendas for growth.

DTC ecommerce was once the holy grail of selling online but now the big money is betting on marketplaces as the strategy that will drive the most growth in the coming decade. Online marketplaces give businesses the ability to start selling online without having to invest in a website or pay for advertising to drive traffic to the site. At the end of 2020 they grew by more than 80 per cent - more than double the rate of overall ecommerce growth. There’s the established players like eBay, Amazon and Catch; a plethora of new niche start-ups; new integrated marketplace functions of search and social media giants Google and Facebook; and most recently, Telstra’s ‘buy local’ marketplace offer.

It truly is the land of opportunity for product companies looking for sales beyond traditional channels. Founder, podcaster and passionate entrepreneur Ben Whyatt is in the trenches profitably leveraging marketplaces for businesses both big and start up. He’ll share his insights and experience into the size of the prize and how to create your own marketplace strategy that adds zeros to your bottom line.

Equity crowdfunding has been available to proprietary companies in Australia since 2018, but it’s exploded during the pandemic with $71 million raised in the last year alone. Equity crowdfunding allows startups and growing companies to access capital online from a large number of small investors. Our panel of company founders have raised millions using the equity crowdfunding model. With proven intel on what it takes to create a winning campaign, they’ll explain how it works, reasons and stages to consider the model, choosing a platform, pitfalls, and ultimately how to put together a campaign that converts.

With resurging global demand, new free trade agreements, reopening borders, growing consumer optimism and spending, many companies are looking to export markets with renewed enthusiasm. If 2022 is your year to grow beyond our borders, it’s important to do the groundwork to sharpen your strategy. Join Food Innovation Australia Limited (FIAL) General Manager Markets, Rod Arenas, as he navigates you through new and emerging opportunities, support available, and how collectively we’re dealing with some of the ongoing challenges such as supply chain disruptions and inflation.

As brand owners and marketers, understanding and responding to our various audience and stakeholder needs is at the core of our businesses. But the past two years has brought a seismic shift in consumer sentiment that, for many brands, requires a new attitude and approach to maintain connection and cut-through, and ultimately drive sales. As growth in the natural industry continues unabated, a deep understanding of the evolution in audience-behaviour is essential to maintain a competitive edge and drive effective business strategies that deliver commercial ROI. What motivates people? What matters to people? What are the barriers to success?

Audience Centric Marketing is key to effectiveness and should define every action in how we build our businesses across product, people and promotions. Join Gillian Fish, CEO & Founder of The 6AM Agency as she distills current shifts in audience behaviour that’s impacting brand marketing strategies; why trust, transparency and reputation matter most; how to use the Digital-Creative PR Trifecta for storytelling that delivers ROI; and core pillars that drive effectiveness.

Four key themes were covered at the 2022 Business Summit

retail strategy

Retail Strategy

Are you finding it’s getting harder to expand your retail footprint? Australian retailers are hungry for natural, organic, healthy and sustainable options, but the competition for shelf space is fierce. Stay up to date with what retailers are looking for, learn what it takes to get ranged in today’s landscape and more from experienced speakers who are in the trenches every day.

consumer strategy

Consumer Strategy

Who is the consumer of today and tomorrow and how has their mindset evolved during the last two years? Hear from speakers at the leading edge of consumer and insights and brand marketing to understand core audiences and their new mentality, how to engage with them, where to reach then, and what it takes to get them to buy your products over another brand.

sustainability strategy

Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability should be at the top of every company’s agenda in today’s marketplace. But once you start pealing back the layers and looking at what you need to do to improve your business practices, it can be a challenge. With the clock ticking for Australia to eliminate single use plastic by 2025, and consumers demanding more from the brands they purchase, now is the time to get the info you need to level up!

export strategy

Export Strategy

With the past two years behind us, it’s time to reconnect Australia to the world! Learn what’s happening outside our border, how core markets for Australian products like the United States have evolved during the last few years, where the opportunities are, and key actions you can take and tools you can use to expand beyond your own backyard.

What the delegates thought about 2021

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