30-31 May 2021

Business Summit

Are you a manufacturer, brand or distributor looking for business growth? Whether you’re in the start-up phase or an established player looking to scale, Naturally Good Business Summit delivers the information and connections to transform your business.

Friday 28 May 2021
ICC Sydney

Are you a manufacturer, brand or distributor looking for business growth? Whether you’re in the start-up phase or an established player looking to scale, Naturally Good Business Summit delivers the information and connections to transform your business. The knowledge you’ll gain during a single day with access to experts, one-one advice, and connecting with your fellow trailblazers will bring your best out.

The Naturally Good 2020 Business Summit program will dive into our rapidly growing and changing industry, where you’ll hear from an impressive line up of industry leaders and experts on a range of topics, including Natural, Organic & Healthy in 2020, How to Be the Next Big Disruptor and Building a Sustainable Company.

The day will be filled with many more sessions all focusing on different aspects of businesses in the industry. Keep scrolling to find out more about the 2020 program.

Highlight Speakers

Covering four cornerstones of business success

Consumer Strategy

Distracted consumers and increasingly fragmented channels are the norm, and the benchmark for success in the health market is getting higher. This series of talks takes you on a journey from creating a knock brand and shelf presence, to digital PR, micro influencers and back to basics strategy integration for the digital age.

Retail Strategy

Sharpen your retail go-to market strategy and implementation with this series of fast-paced sessions for both newer entrepreneurs and more established companies. Stay up to date with changes, and learn about buyer mentality and what influences their ranging decisions and growth challenges and tips from experienced speakers who are in the trenches every day.

Ecommerce Masterclass

Done right, direct-to-consumer (DTC) ecommerce creates a flywheel that drives company growth. It’s now accessible to start-ups and smaller companies, facilitating direct consumer relationships, and ultimately the ability to bank more margin. Learn how to get it right in this deep dive covering the bridge between pureplay retail and DTC ecommerce.

Capital Raising

There’s no doubt money makes the business world go ‘round. No matter the business model, most entrepreneurs and smaller companies need a cash injection to start and/or grow their business. Learn about different options, what it takes to raise funds, key success factors, common mistakes, how to prove value, questions to ask and insight to improve your odds of success.


Australia’s retail market for natural, organic and healthy packaged goods is changing and evolving shopper behaviours and attitudes to health and wellness are shaping the FMCG industry. In this fast-paced presentation backed by extensive research, Nielsen will spotlight today’s health and wellness consumer and take a deep dive into the current state of the industry, where growth is coming from and how changing shopper attitudes and behaviours are impacting this across food and drink, household, and beauty and personal care. This is your essential briefing on what’s happening in the Australian market and why, and how you can take advantage.

Industry, consumer and product trend insights are fabulous, but even better when you put them to good use! FMCG specialist David Burns takes a deep dive into using insights to develop the right product and brand, and then share a compelling story with buyers and category managers at retail.

The effort required to prepare for retail meetings can’t be underestimated - even more established brands don't always get it right. It's critical to leave a lasting impression by sharing your unique story; how you bring it to life with consumers; and articulate why a retailer should not only range your products, but partner with you for the long run.

With experience on both sides of the negotiating table, David shares proven areas to cover and everything you need to know to deliver a killer retail pitch, get on shelf – and stay there! This session is a must for everyone actively growing their retail footprint - start-ups and industry veterans alike.

Consumer hunger for health is growing rapidly, bringing both retailers and manufacturers more opportunities, more competition, and a suite of new challenges. Learn not only how to get on shelf and stay there, but how to build relationships with retailers that last the distance. Our experienced panel of heavy-weight category managers and buyers of food and drink, beauty and personal care and natural health will share their vision for the health category and extensive experience in buying for major Australian retail to help you deliver maximum buyer appeal and increase your chance of retail success.

• Insider intel on how ranging decisions are made, attributes of successful products and sought-after product types
• Processes, mandatories and your organisational requirements for slick account management with major retailers
• The health agendas of major Australian retailers and opportunities for growth

The social media micro influencer revolution has changed the PR game, disrupting traditional ways of reaching, connecting and sharing stories with audiences. Consumers are more distracted and more in control than ever before - choosing what, where and when they consume content. They opt out of traditional advertising, are wise to paid celebrity endorsements and more likely to trust word-of-mouth from people they see on their social media feeds over traditional marketing.

But while online tribes are growing, it’s just as important to build real life connections with authenticity and vulnerability. After all, the essence of great PR is about prioritising and fostering relationships. This new-PR approach is a must for every brand marketer but relies on an integrated and thoughtful approach to scale – and the ability to implement like a boss! Understanding how to pair online activities like influencer collaborations, social media management, content creation, digital strategies and brand partnerships, with traditional approaches of media relations, press office, creative mailers and events is essential.

PR superstar Hannah O’Donnell shares everything you need to know to make an impact with on and offline with communities, in this fast-paced session packed with relevant case studies with some of Australia’s leading health and wellness companies. She’ll cover:

· Integrating your on and offline efforts to reach your ideal tribe and maximise your ROI

· Developing profitable partnerships to kick start and sustain brand engagement

· The metrics – How many micro influencers do you need, how much do you have to pay? How do you start and then scale your efforts?

· Micro vs macro influencers what’s more valuable?

There’s a new kid on the social media block and leading Australian companies are starting to pay attention! Enter Tik Tok – one of the fastest-growing social media apps in the world, with 1.4 million active users and 1.6 billion video views locally every month.

The love child of Musical.ly and Vine, Tik Tok is owned by Chinese company ByteDance and has a similar format to stories across Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram. It’s rolling out social commerce in 2020, allowing brands to sell directly to consumers via the app.

Get the low-down on what makes Tik Tok tick with Australia’s leading authority Clare Winterbourn. Founder of Born Bred and the brains behind some of the world’s first Tik Tok campaigns, Clare is helping leading Australian companies integrate the platform into their strategies. This is everything you need to know about Tik Tok right now, how important it is to adopt early, or indeed if it's right for your brand.

Rewind a decade ago and a new wave of challenger brands was emerging in Australia as consumer appetites for natural, organic and healthier products blossomed. Many gained their stripes in independent health food store incubations, testing and learning, before growing both their businesses and categories to become mainstream, established players in an increasingly competitive market. Along the way they educated retailers on a new consumer mindset and advocated for emerging categories, while traversing sustainable channel strategy and soon after rapidly growing competition. Gain insight into the mindset, motivations and strategies of some of Australia’s leading natural and organic company founders as they share their how they navigated some of their biggest challenges on the path from challenger to mainstream success.

You’ve worked out your customer’s path to action and have strategies in place to bring in new prospects, lower bounce rates and drive sales. All you have to do now is sit back and wait for those sales to tick over, right? If you’ve gotten to this stage and your results are lack lustre, it’s time to fault find and optimise your sales funnel. Where do you start, which interactions and elements should you test and adjust that will ultimately help you nurture customer relationships from brand awareness to the sale and then beyond? Leading e-commerce business coach Sarah Quinney explains your most important metrics throughout the journey, gives real-life examples of winning sales funnels and dives into steps you can take to increase conversions at each stage — the top, the middle and the bottom.

A strong financial strategy is one of the most important foundational pillars of a successful company. From daily cashflow to inventory management, workforce decisions, new product development to funding growth into new channels and markets, a financial strategy is one of your most powerful guides. Whether your company is small or large, emerging or in rapid growth, not having a financial plan is akin to being rudderless at sea.

Douglas Loh spent 19 years as founding member of Acorn Capital, where he invested in more than 600 companies across all industries while holding positions as Portfolio Manager, Head of Equities, CFO, COO and Director. With more than 30 years of advisory, company management and investment management experience and currently the Finance Director of Biome Australia Limited, Douglas will cover key decision points, risk management, governance and building the right team, and some of a growing company’s most important financial levers. Come prepared for a robust Q&A session with Douglas to have your burning questions answered.

Dubbed the hottest thing in marketing right now, advances in artificial intelligence combined with Facebook’s chatbot technology are changing the way leading companies are doing business – increasing efficiency, improving customer service, delivering personalised experiences and helping create new human to human relationships. Gartner predicts this year, 85 percent of all customer-business interactions will occur without a human intermediary. Yet Australian business are only starting to realise the potential rewards.

Leading e-commerce business coach Sarah Quinney is at the forefront of chatbot strategy. In this fast-paced talk packed with insight and first-hand examples, she’ll share:
· New customer acquisition strategies using messenger marketing and chatbots
· The latest ways to foster new and engaging customer relationships with cold customers – and turn them into repeat buyers again and again
· How to consistently achieve 80 per cent open rates

There is more than one way to fund a business venture and fuel its growth. For almost all, it’s going to require bringing in outside money at some point. The key is to discover what’s best for you, your business type and stage.

McGrathNicol Advisory partner David Barnaby has a deep understanding of capital raising as a specialist advisor to corporate, private equity and high net worth clients on both the buy- and sell-side of transactions. With high profile clients across health and wellness, food and beverage, retail and other industries, David will share his insight into different funding pathways, pros and cons of different types of capital from debt to equity, valuations, how to put your best foot forward with investors, run a successful process, and ensure a high-value outcome.

Finding the right investors and delivering your pitch is one of the biggest tests you'll face in growing your business. Preparation is key to being confident, aware, and in control of the deal, your business and your reputation during a raise. Hear direct from our panel of investors and those who’ve successfully raised millions to launch and grow their businesses. From private equity to venture capital and even crowd funding, hear real-world stories on key success factors, pitfalls, questions to ask and insights to improve your odds of success.

The mainstreaming of conscious consumerism is driving a new wave of entrepreneurial start-ups with exciting solutions to some of our biggest environmental, social and ethical challenges. It’s fair to say sustainability and transparency are the new must have ingredients for companies across diverse verticals. But what does it truly mean to embrace these goals and ideologies from the inside out?

Heritage natural and organic companies have been at the forefront of this movement for more than 20 years, pioneering innovative products that are good for customers, fair to suppliers, good for the planet and ultimately – good for business. Hear from some of the world’s most credentialed and dynamic leaders as they share their sustainability visions, some of their greatest the challenges and most rewarding moments in paving the way to a better world.

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