Naturally Good Pitch Fest

Pitch Fest is a chance for brands to get noticed! Brands can make a lasting impression in five minutes and pitch their brand to our Summit audience of brand owners, investors, consultants, retailers, suppliers, and panel of elite judges including former Wholefoods purchasing manager Tim Sperry, President, The Tim Sperry Group; Samuel McLennan, Mentor, Unique Mentors; and Jackie Goldston, Brand and Marketing Manager, Unique Health Products.

Pitch Fest will return to the Business Summit in 2019, browse through last year’s winner and finalists, and start preparing for your entry and pitch. Applications for the Pitch Fest will open closer to the event.

Pitch Fest Winner

Uplift Food

Company Name: Uplift Food


Uplift Food aims to be the global go to provider for trustworthy and innovative PRE-biotic products connected to mood regulation.
We are here to start a global movement of Uplifters who together will passionately spread the message of the importance of including prebiotic gut healthy foods in order to feel Uplifted in life! With a unique positioning, ingredient blend and nutritional profile, and strong base from our founders expertise, we aim to be a leader and innovate in this specific space to provide options that will be responded well to globally.

Read about Kara’s journey to taking the winning title of the 2018 Pitch Fest.


Pitch Fest Finalists

Zea Relief

Company: Australian Kunzea

Their Pitch:

We have unearthed one of Australia’s best-kept pain relieving secrets. Now, we want to share the therapeutic benefits of Australian Kunzea Oil with the world so that everyone can live healthier, happier, more fulfilling lives.

Chicken Broth Crisps

Company Name: Bonafide Broth Co.

Their Pitch:

Boneafide Broth Co is an Australian born company with Australian ownership and executive team who have created a world first food product to allow people from all walks of life to now get the full benefit of Chicken Broth in a simple and convenient way instantly. The process extends the uses of waste products in the poultry industry, creating less waste and more value. The healthy snack of the future. We also have patented 12 other products behind this business with some also redefining their space.

Frontier Pets

Company: Frontier Pets

Their Pitch:

Every day we hear from people whose dog’s lives have dramatically improved as a result of feeding Frontier. We’ve contributed over $170,000 toward ethical farming. By the end of 2019 this is estimated to be $1.6 million.

Frontier Pets is shaping up to be a formidable brand made up of thousands of people who are part of it – and not just because of what we do, but because of why we do it.
These people and their pets, are literally changing the world.

Golden Grind

Company: Golden Grind

Their Pitch:

A lot of people have challenged us to date about having a whole brand based around one ingredient, turmeric. It’s not something often seen, a whole mixed portfolio of products from food, to beverage to beauty and supplements. But we figure, we are experts in turmeric so why not offer it all! There is a lot of noise in the turmeric space, but we would like to think as the leaders across all products and the only brand to be a one stop shop. Most others are dabbling with this on trend ingredient, but for us, it is our everything. We study it, know it, have seen it in the flesh, breath it. We, therefore, would like to think our products can be most trusted. If people want new/more/different turmeric product, we can listen and help bring this to life. We know it’s risky playing across multiple categories, especially in retail, but we think, if more brands focused on what they know and did it to their best ability rather that trying to over cater or flood specific markets well, maybe we would have better quality products.

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