2-3 Jun 2019

Education Program

The 2019 education program is the place to learn about what’s now and next with free access to more than 20 presentations, panels and case studies to grow your business. Hear from some of Australia’s preeminent experts in retail, e-commerce and business strategy; discover emerging consumer trends; and gain practical insights to take your digital and social media strategies to the next level. You’ll learn about the modern shoppers’ approach to food, drink and nutrition; factors influencing Australian FMCG; leading retailer omni channel case studies; and why social responsibility makes good business sense.

The education program is free to attend at Naturally Good 2019, opening up a world of knowledge to the retail industry and all those involved.

Sunday 2 June 2019

Room 1

The digital revolution has allowed Australian founder-owned independent beauty brands to directly build consumer demand and pioneer a new category in what is now a rapidly growing movement.

Consumers are more educated than ever before, and not just on the ‘dirty dozen’ but on full ingredient transparency, key certifications and issues around ‘green washing’, animal cruelty and social responsibility. It's fair to say ‘clean’ is emerging as the new ‘natural’ and demand is reaching the tipping point. Mainstream retailers are actively looking to differentiate with toxin-free options and targeted marketing campaigns, while a new breed of e-tailers is helping facilitate growth of online sales in cosmetics and skin care products.

Join Cindy Luken, food scientist, founder of Luk Beautifood and pioneer of clean beauty in Australia with our panel of analysts and retailers in this deep dive into what it means to be ‘clean’, factors influencing Australian retail and the key things you need to know to capitalise on this growing market.

Convenient, healthy, ethical, premium, and food versus supplements – This session takes a multidimensional look at how different demographic groups view food, drink and nutrition; key trends driving purchase decisions; and how food retail industry and brands are responding.

Key takeaways:
· The impact of Millennials and Generation Z on plant-based diets, functional foods, nutraceuticals, ethics and transparency
· The trade up to premium - who's doing it and why
· How mums’ shopping habits are changing the snacking isle
· Our changing view of healthy ageing and the impacts at retail
· Active lifestyles across the ages

Retail is no longer separate entities of retailer, supplier and brand. The connected consumer is playing the field online and offline, where, when, how and with whom they choose. And the retail strategic plan should no longer be divided into online and offline.

Nancy Georges brings extensive hands-on retail experience to take small retailers from overwhelm to action with a back-to-basics approach to operating in the ‘new retail’ world. She’ll share insight into how to revisit and apply sound foundational retail principles in today’s marketplace, while embracing the new skills and tools essential to move forward, grow and increase profits. Learn about driving forces in retail today and the connected consumer with seven principles and tactical tips for longevity.

Room 2

Retail today is all about the convergence of the in-store and online experiences to meet the modern consumer’s continually changing demands. And creating a seamless omnichannel experience is essential for competing in today’s connected retail environment. But how do you bring it all together?

Sonya Keenan, Managing Director of Omnichannel Media Group, will deliver the strategies and tactics for every retailer looking to make sense of digitisation. You’ll hear about the changing role of physical retail, using data to better understand your customers, personalisation, social media and other digital marketing strategies to modernise your retail approach and ultimately attract and retain more shoppers.

Customers no longer buy what you sell, but what you stand for. This is especially true for millennials, the generation most likely to vote with their dollar. Prepared to pay more for brands and products that support their values and from retailers they trust, this generation is defined by their demand for transparency, and social and ethical responsibility.

Smart independent retailers are differentiating on their values and beliefs to build communities with meaningful storytelling that positions purpose at the heart of their business, while larger retailers and consumer goods companies are developing responsibility practices and launching more ethical product lines.

From fairtrade, cruelty-free, and green credentials to providence -based key selling points like buy local, Australian-made, small batch and family-owned, leading purpose-driven PR specialist Dora Nikols will share why taking a stand makes good business sense regardless of your size. In fact, this one area where the independent, small and nimble have the advantage!

• How to define and implement purpose-driven retailing for your business
• Supporting a cause that makes a difference, engages customers and grows your business
• Crafting a meaningful story and using it to grow a loyal community of passionate advocates
• Gaining media attention for your business and cause

Monday 3 June 2019

Room 2

While Australian products with premium, clean, green and healthy credentials are in demand with China’s 300 million middle class consumers, the greatest untapped opportunity for Australian retailers is right here at home. The growing “inbound” population of Asian locals, migrants, tourists, investors, students and entrepreneurs represent critical market you can’t ignore. China expert and Australia China SME Association President David Thomas shares how creative thinking can help retailers of all sizes attract and delight one or more of these groups by rolling out the metaphorical ‘welcome sign’.

David will take a deep dive into the “inbound” opportunity, sharing insights into:
• Key market segments and how to connect with them
• Keeping up with the changing demands, expectations and aspirations of Chinese buyers
• Essential cultural factors and why appreciating ‘hierarchy’ is a must
• Why relationships are more important than transactions
• Five simple actions for you and your business to become a 'magnet' for Asian consumers

From payments to personalisation, augmented and virtual reality to the latest SaaS technologies, this session delivers what’s now and coming (quickly!) for e-commerce. Laura Doonin is a sought-after strategist and tech expert, winning The People’s Choice TedX Idea of Note and Top 50 People in Ecommerce 2019. She’ll share the local view on how Australians shop and the current omni channel landscape, the evolution of retail technology (it's now easier than you'd think), quick wins for Australian businesses prioritising change.

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