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This is the place to hear about the latest natural and organic trends and emerging categories, strategies for beating discounters and connecting with consumers, and how leading independents are winning against the big guys.

Sunday 29 April 2018

Gut health continues to dominate the wellness agenda with consumer awareness of the functional benefits is at an all-time high. But what’s next? What are the new market segments for products that support a healthy gut, where is the innovation, and how should retailers and brands position these products in the future? Gut health specialist Kara Landau will discuss:

• Prebiotics – the next wave and the missing piece of the gut health puzzle. What are prebiotics and resistant starches, and what is their role in the good health equation?
• Why messaging matters and how to resonate with younger audiences
• What retailers can learn from emerging online brands
• The role of social media and influencer culture in awareness, education and driving demand
• Understanding the gut health link in products claiming functional benefits – beauty, concentration and mood
• Emerging products locally and across the globe.

Knowing how to use Facebook ads effectively can drive more leads for your business in 2018 that any other paid channel. Fourteen years in and with more than 2 billion monthly users, Facebook still dominates the social media landscape. It can help you push more on-the-fence leads down your funnel and build new qualified leads - if you have the right strategy and execute with agility and precision. Mitch Barrington, Founder of pureplay Facebook advertising agency Freshly, shares proven tactics to help you win on Facebook in 2018 in this fast-paced, must-attend session!

You’ll learn:
• How the algorithm works right now and why this is key to mastering Facebook advertising
• Why the word “social” is the most important one in the term “social media”
• Three things that (almost) every Facebook advertiser does wrong and how to avoid doing them yourself

Fighting discount retailers is becoming a bigger challenge each year. How can independent retailers compete without losing margin? In this session we will share examples of effective strategies used by independent retailers to bring meaning to today’s buzz words: fresh, convenience, differentiation, special diets, service, community.

Consumers are becoming more mindful and increasingly making purchase decisions that match their values. These two talks explore the growth of the ethical consumer, their preferences and how to capitalise on this growing opportunity.

A. The rise of the ethical consumer: Sara Agostino, Research Analyst at Euromonitor International
Increasing awareness around ethical and environmental issues is driving the rise in mindful consumption. The new frontier of ethical consumption is integrating into all aspects of consumers’ lifestyles with health and nutrition being obvious starting points. But how can you get the attention of these consumers and influence their buying decisions?
Research Analyst Sara Agostino from Euromonitor International will dive into the realm of the ethical consumer and discuss:
• What are the driving forces behind ethical consumerism
• What is the Australian ethical consumer looking for and how can you capture their attention
• How local brands and retailers are encouraging the growth of ethical consumerism

B. How to position ethical products: Katrina Fox, Vegan Business Media
As more consumers seek out products that align with their values, brands that have a strong ethics policy in regards to people, animals and planet are uniquely equipped to serve this fast-growing market. But what is the best way to position ethical products?
Journalist, author and Forbes contributor Katrina Fox from Vegan Business Media will explore these issues including:
• How to convey your ethical stance without coming across as ‘preachy’
• Should you use the word ‘vegan’ in your branding, marketing or packaging, or is it better to use ‘plant-based’?
• Where should retailers position these products in store?

Digital marketing helps level the playing field between small and big business, but understanding what you can and can’t do online and how to protect your own IP can seem like a minefield. Sinclair+May Director Jessica Kerr and solicitor Anna Martin simplify the complex, sharing critical ways to avoid common pitfalls in this must-attend session. She’ll cover social media; online competitions; privacy and data collection; email marketing and spam; advertising; security; and what to do if your intellectual property is violated online.

You’ll leave this session knowing:
• How to make sure your website is protects your business
• Rules of play for online marketing, social media and copyright
• Trade promotions and online competitions - how to get them right

Monday 30 April 2018

Australia’s appetite for organics is growing year on year but what are consumers buying and why? Where are the growth areas both locally and in the global marketplace? For the first time you’ll receive exclusive intel on top-selling product categories, emerging trends in shopper behaviour and where future opportunities lie in this must-attend session. Discover what’s hot in key categories of food and beverage, beauty and personal care and more.

Don’t miss your essential annual briefing on what’s new and next! Globally renowned health and specialty products expert Bob Burke shares insider intel on what’s hitting the world’s largest and fastest-growing heathy, premium and gourmet product market – North America. With the Australian market rapidly following US trends, this session delivers a critical and expert view of key growth areas for our local market. He’ll cover three key categories – healthy and premium food and drink, beauty and personal care, and vitamins and supplements.

Bob Burke is a sought after speaker at Expo West and East, The Specialty Food Association’s Winter and Summer Fancy Food Shows in the US and is an advisor to leading natural, organic and specialty food manufacturers and retailers worldwide.

Independent retailers can feel like an endangered species in a market dominated by the Big Guys, with their purchasing power, discounts and capital to invest in technology, staff and keeping shelves stocked. This panel will share the strategies of Australian independent retailers who are thriving, despite the multitude of threats to their existence.

You’ll hear how these independents serve their local communities while propelling innovation, diversity and entrepreneurship. Gain insights into how the nimble and agile business model offers the greatest opportunity to quickly respond to changing consumer demands, embrace trends, engender local support, offer diversity and and support the growing number of entrepreneur suppliers, who are often unable to start out on the shelves of larger corporates.

With women making 90 per cent of consumer decisions and the global female consumer economy valued at $28 trillion, they have more power to transform your bottom line. Today’s women are influential and educated, and more likely to share their experiences with brands online and offline. Yet they continue to be business’ biggest blind spot, a dissatisfied, untapped market seeking validation and understanding. This powerful panel will demystify what women truly want, sharing how to avoid common pitfalls and opportunities for businesses to win the hearts and minds of women.

Private label products have traditionally been seen as cheaper, lower quality alternatives, but perceptions are changing and the switch is on! Savvy Australian consumers have become a nation of ‘super savers’, driving growth of private brands in their quest for value without compromising on quality.

Retailers around the world are heavily focused on driving exclusive 'store brand' offerings in order to grow store loyalty. Should you be doing the same? What is driving this growth trend?  Which consumer segments are leading the charge? How can private brands help retailers attract new shoppers and increase their number of weekly visits? And how can manufacturers and retailers work together to take advantage?

Private Label Manufacturers Association General Manager Bill Trainor shares insights, opportunities and the state of play from both the retailer and manufacturer perspective. You’ll learn:
• Current trends impacting private label 
• What consumers want and key segments driving growth
• Branded vs private label: how can they co-exist?
• Should all retailers focus on launching exclusive 'retailer brands'?
• How do you take advantage of this enormous opportunity for your business?

Defining healthy products is a real challenge. High protein, no sugar, low fat, high fibre, gluten-free and many other claims on-pack are changing the way consumers shop. In the last five years, there were 28% more people choosing a vegetarian diet and 11% more people purchasing organic, while reduced fat or low GI claims saw a decline in popularity among grocery shoppers. 17% of Australians are highly concerned about their health and are making active decisions to choose healthier products, but what does that mean for their grocery baskets? Which ingredients and portions of are most likely to get your product in more Australians baskets and what trends are emerging in the market? During Nielsen's presentation, Rahim Ladha, Director Retail Client Service will discuss theclaims that are trending in market now and how to navigate the changing healthy consumer.

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