Pill alternatives: The growth of gummies, powders and liquids

Apr 13, 2022

While Australia's supplements industry continues to grow, trend reports show both brands and consumers are looking beyond tablets and capsules.

Rewind a few years and tablets and capsules were the go-to options in the dietary supplements segment. According to a 2021 global market forecast report, they remain dominant, but other formulations are gaining ground.

Take gummies, which were once reserved for the confectionary aisle. Not any more. Having already nabbed a decent chunk of the supplement market, gummies are only likely to grow as a delivery method for vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

If you want your brand to get on board with one of the growing tablet or capsule-free trends, here are a few things to consider about gummies, powders and liquids.


Originally rolled out to encourage children to take their vitamins, gummies have infiltrated the adult market, too. They’re particularly popular among the 18-34 age group and older consumers. As a result, a 2021 Future Market Insights’ report projects the nutraceutical gummies market will have a compound annual growth rate of 15 per cent to 2031.

vitamin gummies

As well as allowing for different shapes and colours, gummies have a natural advantage over capsules and tablets – they’re tasty and can be easier to swallow. They also address the issue of ‘pill fatigue’ for many consumers.

While vitamins and minerals, probiotics and omega-3 fatty acids are the most popular categories of gummies, future trends will see 100 per cent sugar-free formulations. There will also be a bigger shift towards using pectin rather than gelatin to meet consumer demand for vegan and plant-based ingredients.


While powders have long been popular and something of a natural fit in the protein and collagen sectors, some of the bigger brands have shifted their focus to start manufacturing powdered formulations that are less ‘niche’ and more mass market. These include blends of minerals, vitamins and omega-3s.

It’s thought that the natural affinity certain consumer groups already have for powdered formulations, including bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts, will boost the growth of powdered supplements over the next six years.

powder supplement


Supplements delivered in liquid form are anticipated to experience an impressive CAGR between now and 2028. Why? In part because they’re ‘liposomal’ products. As well as being highly absorbable, that means they disperse well in liquids.

Not only does this allow for smooth mixing and consumption when added to something as simple as a glass of water, forecasters say it provides scope for product innovation, such as supplement-based smoothies, drinks and yoghurts.

As demand for supplements continues to grow, retailers are searching for a wide range of alternatives including pills, gummies and liquids that are going to meet the needs of their consumers. As trends move its important for those in the supplement category to diversify their portfolio in order to maintain business growth.

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